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Council Rep Election: 2024-02-28

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Position: SFSS Council Representative

1 vote of No Confidence

Nominee Name: Micah Baker

Votes: 61

Contact/Social Media: Instagram Profile | LinkedIn Profile | Email: mdb15@sfu.ca | Discord Nickname: Micah | Discord Username: micahdb

Nominee Speech:

Hi there!


My name is Micah Baker, and I'm running to be your next Council Representative.


The CSSS has been a big part of my university experience; it has been my hobby, side hustle, and how I've made so many friends. The CSSS has been by my side through thick and thin, and I to the CSSS.


In the past, I've been a CSSS First Year Representative, Director of Educational Events, and Co-Chair of RETRO FROSH. To list just some of the things I've spearheaded through my volunteering:

  • Karaoke Nights (BGN++).
  • Numerous workshops (Git, Linux, Quantum Computing, ...).
  • RETRO FROSH, an entire week of large events welcoming first-years to CS at SFU.


In addition to these, I've created and maintained valuable connections with various other student unions such as SUS, ESSS, CSGSA, as well as members of SFU faculty.


I have a unique understanding of the CSSS's operations, interests, and connections, which I can utilize within the SFSS Council with ease and passion.


As Council Rep, I vow to:

  • Fight for our concerns and interests.
  • Increase funding wherever possible.
  • Expand our network and influence, connecting folks in the CSSS to important people in the SFSS.
  • Bring detailed SFSS Council notes to CSSS General Meetings, sharing SFSS concerns and how we can best align ourselves.


For us to maintain good stature and continue to run successful events, we need a strong adhesive between the SFSS and the CSSS, and that is exactly what I plan to be. With me as Council Rep, I'll take the CSSS to infinity and beyond!




Micah Baker

TLDR: vote me to ++ the CSSS

Nominee Name: Mabel Ling

Votes: 34

Contact/Social Media: LinkedIn Profile | Email: mabel_ling@sfu.ca | Discord Nickname: Mabel | Discord Username: endizen

Nominee Speech:

Greetings, Computing Science Students, Board Games Night Attendees, CSIL Goers! Perhaps, you are all of the above?

My name is Mabel Ling, and I am the current CSSS Council Representative, running once again to be Your Next Council Representative™! Over the last two years, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the CSSS in this position, as Exec-at-Large, as Treasurer in WiCS, and as an all-around long-term Common Room Dweller.

So what have I been up to these last few months? In my current role, I have been working from behind the scenes to bring you the funding for the biggest of our lovely events that the CSSS is hosting!

Over the last year, here’s the main ones:

  • Frosh Fall 2023, to welcome our newest students. Hello first years 👋
  • Silicon Valley trip 2024, our (hopefully annual) trip where we fly ✈️ down to San Francisco to network with industry professionals and learn more about careers in CS
  • FAS Formal 2024, where we celebrate the year and dress up and dance 💃 (coming soon to an Anvil Centre near you!)

  • That’s a lot of events! And unfortunately, they don't come cheap! Through my involvement, we secured over $30,000 in total funding for these events. Besides getting funding, I am also responsible for representing the stances of the CSSS on student affairs at SFSS council meetings.

    Here’s what I propose for the upcoming year:

  • Fight for our events! We love to see our students engaged and involved in the community and I hope we can continue to run them annually
  • Lobby for additional funding for our other large-scale events, such as the CSSS hackathons: Fall Hacks and Mountain Madness
  • Support the CSSS, Faculty of Applied Science groups, and computer science-related clubs in their events at the SFSS level
  • Continue to keep the members of the CSSS up-to-date on policies, referendums, and other relevant council issues

  • We managed to accomplish a lot this year, and if elected again, I will continue to facilitate communication between the SFSS and the CSSS and do my absolute best to uphold my promises for the upcoming year.

    I look forward to working with you again!

    Mabel 🐢

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