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    • External communications [if you are not an SFU faculty or student], please contact the President or Director of Communications at : csss@sfu.ca
    • Only Current Executive Officers : csss-exec-current@sfu.ca
    • All Current and Past Executive Officer of the past 2 years : csss-exec@sfu.ca
  • Computing Science Office: csdept@sfu.ca

Note: If you wish to contact an Officer directly, see their addresses as listed below.

The CSSS is run by students who are chosen every year in a Department-wide election. They ensure the business of the Society runs smoothly, and are always available to help any fellow student in need. Any CS student can run for these positions. Every station, save Exec-at-Large, serves for an entire year.
Responsibilities for each Role can be found in the CSSS Constitution under section 4.1

Officers for Summer 2024 Term

Isabelle Kwan photo for term 20242

President - Isabelle Kwan

Start Date - 19 Apr 2024

Discord Nickname: Isabelle 🥝

Discord Username: kiwi.slice

Favourite Courses - CMPT 272 | CMPT 295

Languages of Choice - C++ | TypeScript

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-president-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Isabelle is a 3rd year computing science student who likes silly iPad games just a little too much. She spends most of her time doing research or studying at school, but easily gets distracted if you let her yap too much. If you ever see her on campus, give her a wave! She would love to get to know you and become friends :)

Jake Choi photo for term 20242

Vice-President - Jake Choi

Start Date - 19 Apr 2024

Discord Nickname: Jake Choi 🦖

Discord Username: sshmurk

Favourite Courses - MACM 316 | CMPT 353

Languages of Choice - R | C++

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-vp-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Jake is a 3rd year CS major who is still hesitant on whether he should pursue a Statistics/Math minor or not. He can usually be seen helping his friends with assignments while occasionally struggling to do his own. When he isn't struggling with easy Leetcode questions, he enjoys creating hip-hop beats or spending time with the CSSS President. On most days, he stays in the common room until late at night, losing his mind over classes or event planning, so don't be surprised if you see him laughing hysterically. Despite this, Jake is surprisingly well-organized, extremely friendly and always open to meeting new people, so feel free to say hi!

Check out his beats! (or not haha)

Mabel Ling photo for term 20242

Treasurer - Mabel Ling

Start Date - 19 Apr 2024

Discord Nickname: Mabel 🐢

Discord Username: endizen

Favourite Courses - CMPT295 | CMPT340

Languages of Choice - C | Python

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-treasurer-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Mabel is a Computing Science student with an interest in electronics. When on campus, she can usually be found in the common room yapping with her fellow common room denizens. Outside of school she enjoys doodling in her sketchbook, paddling for her dragon boat team, and looking for new books to read. She has since stopped playing Tetris, because she knows she will never hit SS rank. (Unless…?)

Aiya Bowman photo for term 20242

Director of Resources - Aiya Bowman

Start Date - 19 Apr 2024

Discord Nickname: Aiya DoR

Discord Username: aiyab

Favourite Courses - CMPT 363 | CMPT 272

Languages of Choice - Python | Javascript

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-dor-current@sfu.ca

Bio -


Emily Qin photo for term 20242

Director of Events - Emily Qin

Start Date - 19 Apr 2024

Discord Nickname: emily q

Discord Username: sideyem

Favourite Courses - MATH 232 | CMPT 120

Languages of Choice - Python | C++

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-doe-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Emily is a second year student in Computing Science, aiming to minor in business. She can’t wait to work with the events committee to bring awesome CSSS events to you! About her hobbies, she is always looking for new music and book recommendations, so reach out if there’s anything that you’re obsessed with! On campus you can usually find her studying on the 6th floor of the library or hanging out in the common rooms.

Elvin Zukic photo for term 20242

Director of Education Events - Elvin Zukic

Start Date - 26 Apr 2024

Discord Nickname: Elvin

Discord Username: ezule

Favourite Courses - CMPT307 | CMPT225

Languages of Choice - C | Java

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-doee-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Elvin is a 3rd year Computer Science Major who loves badminton, networking and just hanging out. You will often find him in his natural habitat the CS common room so don't be afraid to say hi. Elvin is also the President of Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters and VP of SFUMTG.

Taranveer Singh photo for term 20242

Assistant Director of Events - Taranveer Singh

Start Date - 05 May 2024

Discord Nickname: NA

Discord Username: taran4752

Favourite Courses - CMPT363 | CMPT225

Languages of Choice - C++ | java

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-adoe-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Hello, my name is Taranveer, I'm a 3rd year Computing Science major. When I'm not in the CSIL labs, you can find me building Lego or playing some combat games. As your ADoE, I'm excited to plan and host some amazing events based on your suggestions and feedback. So, don't hesitate to hit me up on Discord with any normal/crazy idea you may have.

Xutong Shen photo for term 20242

Director of Communications - Xutong Shen

Start Date - 19 Apr 2024

Discord Nickname: Chloe 🐰

Discord Username: yoop_yoop_

Favourite Courses - MACM 101 | CMPT 120

Languages of Choice - Python | C++

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-doc-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Hi everyone! I’m Chloe, and I will be going into my second year at SFU in the Zhejiang Dual Degree program. In my free time, I like going to the gym or listening to true crime podcasts ! You can probably find me in line at a Starbucks, in the CS common room, or at the SUB ! I’m looking forward to this new year and have lot of ideas brewing ☺️☺️

Anne Jiao photo for term 20242

Director of Multi-media - Anne Jiao

Start Date - 06 May 2024

Discord Nickname: anne 🐣

Discord Username: sexystarfish

Favourite Courses - CMPT 210 | MATH 232

Languages of Choice - Python | C++

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-domm-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Anne is not your average Computing Science student. She doesn't follow the typical hierarchies; she dances on the edge of chaos, a lone alpha wolf amidst a sea of omega noise. She's the apex predator.

Anne doesn't seek validation or approval; she creates her own path, carving her destiny with every keystroke. Her presence is magnetic, drawing others to her like moths to a flame, yet she remains aloof, a solitary figure in the midst of it all. She's a beacon of untamed individuality.

In the midst of her dominance, there exists a secret side to Anne, hidden from the prying eyes of the world. Deep within the labyrinth of her soul, there lies a softness, a vulnerability rarely seen by others.

Despite her outward aura of strength, Anne harbors a tender heart, one that beats with compassion and empathy. Behind the walls she erects to shield herself from the chaos of life, there resides a well of emotions waiting to be discovered.

In the quiet moments between coding marathons and virtual battles, Anne finds solace in simple pleasures. A cup of hot tea, a sunset painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, the gentle purring of a digital companion - these are the moments that remind her of her humanity.

Beneath her stoic facade, Anne is not immune to the touch of loneliness. Despite her prowess in the academic world, she longs for connection, for someone who understands the complexities of her dual nature.

In the depths of her soul, Anne yearns for a kindred spirit, someone who sees beyond the alpha persona to the vulnerable soul within. Someone who accepts her, not for her achievements, but for the flawed, yet beautiful being she is.

And though she may wander the world alone, Anne holds onto the hope that someday, she'll find that connection, that elusive bond that transcends expectations and touches the very essence of her being.

Dina Zeng photo for term 20242

Director of Archives - Dina Zeng

Start Date - 19 Apr 2024

Discord Nickname: dina !

Discord Username: dee.nah

Favourite Courses - CMPT 295 | MACM 201

Languages of Choice - Java | C++

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-doa-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Dina is a fifth-year Software Systems student who got lost on her way to campus and somehow ended up at the CSSS. Sometime during university, Dina developed a crippling gaming addiction. Due to a couple of unfortunate reasons, none of her friends approve of her choice of games, namely, League of Legends and Valorant. If you ever need to find Dina for any reason, follow the "POYO!" echoing down the hallways.

Michael Ho photo for term 20242

Executive at Large 1 - Michael Ho

Start Date - 21 May 2024

Discord Nickname: Michael

Discord Username: 1baguette1

Favourite Courses - STAT 270 | PSYC 100

Languages of Choice - Python | n/a

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-eal-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Hello my name is Michael. I am a first year statistic major. I can speak French at a B2 level and I can proficiently play the cello.

Rastko Koprivica photo for term 20242

Executive at Large 2 - Rastko Koprivica

Start Date - 21 May 2024

Discord Nickname: Rastko

Discord Username: bonkbonks

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-eal-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Micah Baker photo for term 20242

SFSS Council Representative - Micah Baker

Start Date - 20 Apr 2024

Discord Nickname: Micah

Discord Username: micahdb

Favourite Courses - CMPT 225 | CMPT 295

Languages of Choice - Go | JavaScript

Contact -
SFU Email: csss-councilrep@sfu.ca

Bio -

Up to CS things :)

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