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    • External communications [if you are not an SFU faculty or student], please contact the President or Director of Communications at : csss@sfu.ca
    • Only Current Executive Officers : csss-exec-current@sfu.ca
    • All Current and Past Executive Officer of the past 2 years : csss-exec@sfu.ca
  • Computing Science Office: csdept@sfu.ca

Note: If you wish to contact an Officer directly, see their addresses as listed below.

The CSSS is run by students who are chosen every year in a Department-wide election. They ensure the business of the Society runs smoothly, and are always available to help any fellow student in need. Any CS student can run for these positions. Every station, save Exec-at-Large, serves for an entire year.
Responsibilities for each Role can be found in the CSSS Constitution under section 4.1

Officers for Summer 2022 Term

Mitchell Gale photo for term 20222

President - Mitchell Gale

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - CMPT 433 | CMPT 295

Languages of Choice - C | Python

Contact - csss-president-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Mitchell is a nth year Computing Science Major who spent their past two years as treasurer for the CSSS. He's active on the CSSS discord so feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Justin Yan photo for term 20222

Vice-President - Justin Yan

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | CMPT 225

Languages of Choice - Python | C++

Contact - csss-vp-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Justin is a CS student who enjoys chilling in the common room and taking on large amounts of volunteer work every semester. You may see him often at CSSS and non-CSSS events due to the nature of him tending to stay long hours on campus every day. He will sometimes identify as an Arts & Social Sciences Student as he has a minor in Cognitive Science too. He also lives a mere 15 minute drive or bus ride away from the Burnaby campus, and is open to meeting people, so feel free to approach him and say hi!

Gabriel Stang photo for term 20222

Treasurer - Gabriel Stang

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - CMPT 379 | CMPT 295

Languages of Choice - Zig | Rust?

Contact - csss-treasurer-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Gabe is a 3rd year computing science student who currently resides inside the matrix. He likes working on way too many world changing projects at the same time & is the current president of the game dev club. Has a... 'complicated' relationship with rust.

Truman Bui photo for term 20222

Director of Resources - Truman Bui

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - MATH 152 | MATH 240

Languages of Choice - C++ | C

Contact - csss-dor-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

"He is legally married to the Coca Cola(TM) machine, so we elected him as Director of Resources. The man with no volume control, claims that he's a ""Fourth year student, transfering to a MACM Major"", but no one questions it, because he keeps supplying coke."

Oliver Xie photo for term 20222

Director of Events - Oliver Xie

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - CMPT 473 | CMPT 300

Languages of Choice - C# | Python

Contact - csss-doe-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Oliver is a 4th year Computing Science Major and Urban Studies Certificate student. He is focused on reasonably min-maxing total compensation and life fulfillment while sharing his knowledge with everyone else seeking to grow and prosper.
Outside of CS, he likes cooking (especially curry), baking, hiking, travelling, skiing, and speedrunning Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games.

Valerie Kistrina photo for term 20222

Director of Education Events - Valerie Kistrina

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - CMPT295 | CMPT340

Languages of Choice - Java | R

Contact - csss-doee-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Valerie is a third year CS major and Stats minor student.
She calls it a 'DIY Data Science degree' and will never forget to mention that.
When Val is not at school (and she is usually at school) you can find her escaping reality by watching reality TV and baking.
So, if you want to discuss the latest and greatest reality TV drama while indulging in a brownie, then Val is your gal... ;D

Jasper Song photo for term 20222

Assistant Director of Events - Jasper Song

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - CMPT 125 | PHIL 110

Languages of Choice - Python | C#

Contact - csss-adoe-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Jasper is a first-year Computing Science student from White Rock who enjoys writing both code and science fiction. Jasper’s other hobbies include: reading battle manga, fiddling around with Unity, listening to audiobooks narrated by Neil Gaiman, and making memes.

Jasper is super excited to be here!

Johnson Luong photo for term 20222

Director of Communications - Johnson Luong

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - CMPT 276 | CMPT 354

Languages of Choice - Java | Python

Contact - csss-doc-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Johnson is a third year CS student who hails from the depths of East Vancouver. Oshawott is his spirit animal, and he is always out and about (in his room that is). When not overdosing on coffee or weebing out, you can find Johnson waging a total war against the onslaught of ants that have invaded his home. That being said, he is always willing to lend a helping hand or will gladly be confused with you — mostly the latter.

Yolanda Lam photo for term 20222

Director of Multi-media - Yolanda Lam

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - LING 220 | LING 309W

Languages of Choice - N/A | N/A

Contact - csss-domm-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Yolanda is a second-year student who might be an imposter from Linguistics. She put her CSSS honorary membership to good use and became an E@L in Spring 2022, and is now the Director of Multi-Media. Not to brag, but she is also the VP of the Linguistics Student Union. If you ever see her on campus, be careful not to trip over her!

Jared Murphy photo for term 20222

Director of Archives - Jared Murphy

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - PHYS 190 | CMPT 300

Languages of Choice - C++ | Python

Contact - csss-doa-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Jared is a Nth year Computing Science student, a transfer from Langara and a Steveston local.

Currently on co-op with the Federal Government, he enjoys learning about cyber security and attempting to orchestrate Kubernetes clusters. Outside of computers, Jared enjoys reading and writing non-fiction, mountain biking on the North Shore, and drinking sour cocktails.

Generally available on Discord or in the Common Room, reach out for help, archive related or otherwise!

Jace Manshadi photo for term 20222

Systems Administrator - Jace Manshadi

Start Date - 01 May 2022

Favourite Courses - CMPT 433 | CMPT 471

Languages of Choice - C++ | Assembly

Contact - csss-sysadmin@sfu.ca

Bio -

just here to have fun with python and jenkins

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