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Election Results

posted by Shariq Ahsan on April 15, 2021, 1:02 a.m.

Hello CSSS Members

The voting period for the general election in the CSSS for the period of 2021-2022 is now over and the results have been tallied. Before getting to the results, I'd like to take a moment to thank:

Vijender [VJ] Bakhshi, President
Sarbjot Mann, Vice-President
Mitchell Gale, Treasurer
Truman Bui, Director of Resources
John Wu, Director of Events
Shiva Sanei, Assistant Director of Events
Argus Li, Director of Communications
Dusan Kovacevic, Director of Archives
respectively for their hard work and dedication to their position.

There were a total of 139 responses to the websurvey.

Now without any other ado.

Your new President with 78 votes is Mitchell Gale(57.7%). John Wu came in second place with 45 votes(33.3%). There were 12 votes of no confidence(9.0%).

Your new Vice-President with 101 votes is Shiva Sanei(76.0%). There were 32 votes of no confidence(24.0%). 

Your new Treasurer with 102 votes is Ari Blondal(76.1%). There were 32 votes of no confidence(23.9%).

Your new Director of Events with 85 votes is Argus (Chun Kei) Li(63.0%). Justin Yan came in second place with 25 votes(18.5%). There were 25 votes of no confidence(18.5%).

Your new Assistant Director of Events with 63 votes is Justin Yan(47.0%). Jared Murphy had 31 votes(23.0%). There were 40 votes of no confidence(30.0%).

Your new Director of Archives with 73 votes is Dina Hui Zeng(54.5%). Jared Murphy had 24 votes(17.9%). There were 37 votes of no confidence(27.6%).

Your new Director of Communications with 60 votes is Johnson Luong(44.4%). Justin Yan had 26 votes(19.3%). Jared Murphy had 13 votes(9.6%). There were 36 votes of no confidence(26.6%).  

Your new Director of Resources with 72 votes is Truman Bui(54.1%). Dusan Kovacevic came in second place with 32 votes(24.0%). Justin Yan had 10 votes(7.5%). There were 19 votes of no confidence(14.3%). 

Congratulations to the new executives of the CSSS!

A very big thank you to everyone who ran for a position, everyone who voted and all members of the CSSS who have helped me along the way. I would like to personally congratulate the new executive team and wish them well in there upcoming term. 

Shariq Ahsan
Elections Officer
Simon Fraser University | CSSS



Voting Reminder

posted by Shariq Ahsan on April 14, 2021, 11:44 a.m.

Hello CSSS Members 

This is just a reminder that today is the last day to vote in the CSSS General Election for 2021-2022. Voting will conclude tonight at midnight. You can expect results to either be released at some point tonight or early tomorrow morning. 

You can vote at: http://websurvey.sfu.ca/survey/398216073

Shariq Ahsan
Elections Officer
Simon Fraser University | CSSS 

Movie Night

posted by Shiva Sanei on April 8, 2021, 10:46 a.m.

Hello CSSS Members, 

We hope all of you are doing well!

On April 9th, starting at 6pm, we’ll be hosting a Movie Night. We’ll be playing one movie which will be voted by the viewers on discord on the day of the event! Here are the current options for the movie:

Movies: Marriage Story, The White Tiger, Room, The Imitation Game, Shazam, Madagascar, The Incredible 2, Inside Out

To recap, here are the details of the event again:

Event: Movie Night

Date: Friday, April 9th, 2021

Location: CSSS Discord using the #room-0

Starting Time: 6:00 PM 


As always, this event is open to everyone, so invite your friends to the CSSS Discord Server! 

For your convenience, here is a link to our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/sfucsss

We hope to see you soon


Shiva Sanei

Assistant Director of Events | Computing Science Student Society

CSSS General Elections Reminder

posted by Shariq Ahsan on April 2, 2021, 4:06 p.m.

Hello CSSS members

This is just a reminder that the nomination period for yearly positions in the CSSS ends thisMonday, April 5th at 23:59. To run for a position you must submit the attached form and your speech to csss-elections@sfu.ca no later then 23:59 on April 5th. 

Have a nice long weekend.

Shariq Ahsan
Elections Officer 
Simon Fraser University | CSSS

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Re: The Teaching Talks | Listening to the students' voices

posted by Mitchell Gale on April 1, 2021, 10:34 p.m.

Hi All,

Further to the  FAS TTT (The Teaching Talks)  "Listening to the students' voices" session with FAS faculty, students and advisors, we wanted to share with you attached, a brief report including a summary of the session, selected comments from participants, and suggested action items. 

Looking forward to continuing the conversation!

We were all very pleased about this session and look forward to running this kind of session on a semesterly basis.


Mitchell Gale
SFU Computing Science Student Society

From: Mitchell Gale
Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 6:00:14 PM
To: csss-announce@sfu.ca
Cc: Alice Yue; Diana Cukierman
Subject: The Teaching Talks | Listening to the students' voices
Hi All!

How are things going with the current learning and teaching situation for you?

The FAS TTT (The Teaching Talks) and CSSS invite students and faculty to participate in a conversation session:  “Listening to the Students’ Voices”.

This is an informal conversation on how the online learning experience has been from your perspective. Help improve how SFU FAS delivers education during and beyond Covid-19 by sharing feedback, issues, and suggestions.

Take a break, come chat, and get a chance towin one of ten $20 giftcards generously funded by the FAS Dean’s office (note that gift cards are for current students only)!

When: 2021 March 4th (next Thursday), 4:30pm.

Where: Zoom link to be sent closer to the date. 

Please indicate your availability by RVSP-ing:http://websurvey.sfu.ca/survey/394314762 

This event is co-organized by the FAS FTF (Faculty Teaching Fellows) and the student societies of FAS.


Mitchell Gale
Computing Science Student Society

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