SFU's Computing Science Student Society

Officers for Summer 2021 Term

Mitchell Gale photo for term 20212

President - Mitchell Gale

Start Date - 01 May 2021

Favourite Courses - CMPT 433 | CMPT 295

Languages of Choice - C | Python

Contact - csss-president-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Mitchell is a 4th year Computing Science Major who spent their past two years as treasurer for the CSSS. He's active on the CSSS discord so feel free to reach out if you have any questions. He's looking forward to the eventual return of in person classes.

Shiva Sanei photo for term 20212

Vice-President - Shiva Sanei

Start Date - 01 May 2021

Favourite Courses - CMPT 354 | MATH 232

Languages of Choice - Python | HTML

Contact - csss-vp-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Shiva is a fourth year Computing Science student who likes to steal your belongings and predict futures. She is also one of those crazy people who enjoyed MATH 232. She has a 24/7 personal driver so if you need a ride, be nice to her.

Ari Blondal photo for term 20212

Treasurer - Ari Blondal

Start Date - 01 May 2021

Favourite Courses - CMPT 307 | MATH 443

Languages of Choice - C++` | Python

Contact - csss-treasurer-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Ari is an nth year computer science and math student.

He really enjoys proofs, algorithms, and all the mathy parts of computer science. He is part of SFU's DDP program, and spent two years studying on exchange in China.

If you ask him, Ari will help you with your coursework, as it's a great way to procrastinate while feeling productive.

Truman Bui photo for term 20212

Director of Resources - Truman Bui

Start Date - 01 May 2021

Favourite Courses - MACM 150 | MATH240

Languages of Choice - C++ | C

Contact - csss-dor-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

"He is legally married to the Coca Cola(TM) machine, so we elected him as Director of Resources. The man with no volume control, claims that he's a ""Four year student, transfering to a MACM Major"", but no one questions it, because he's happy to help everyone out."

Argus Li photo for term 20212

Director of Events - Argus Li

Start Date - 01 May 2021

Favourite Courses - CMPT 373 | CMPT 320

Languages of Choice - Python | C++

Contact - csss-doe-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Argus CK Li is a fourth year Computing Science Student studying at Simon Fraser University. A passionate believer in Virtual Reality, he hopes to land a job developing software for cutting edge Augmented and Virtual Reality devices. A talented linguist, Argus speaks four languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin and French). Aside from his academic pursuits, Argus is an avid Canucks fan and is known to chirp Flames and Oilers fans relentlessly and is happy that the Canucks are finally good again.

Justin Yan photo for term 20212

Assistant Director of Events - Justin Yan

Start Date - 01 May 2021

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | CMPT 225

Languages of Choice - C++ | Python

Contact - csss-doe-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Justin is a CS student who has too high of ambitions, always burdens himself with more work that he is ever capable of handling, and spends too much time socializing with other people. He will sometimes identify as an Arts & Social Sciences Student as he has a minor in Cognitive Science too. He also lives a mere 15 minute drive or bus ride away from the Burnaby campus, and is open to meeting people, so feel free to approach him and say hi!

Johnson Luong photo for term 20212

Director of Communications - Johnson Luong

Start Date - 01 May 2021

Favourite Courses - CMPT 125 | CMPT 127

Languages of Choice - Python | C

Contact - csss-doc-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Johnson is a second year CS student who hails from the depths of East Vancouver. Oshawott is his spirit animal, and he is always out and about (in his room that is). When not overdosing on coffee or weebing out, you can find Johnson waging a total war against the onslaught of ants that have invaded his home. That being said, he is always willing to lend a helping hand or will gladly be confused with you — mostly the latter.

Dina Zeng photo for term 20212

Director of Archives - Dina Zeng

Start Date - 01 May 2021

Favourite Courses - CMPT 130 | MACM 101

Languages of Choice - Java | C++

Contact - csss-doa-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Dina is a second-year Software Systems student who got lost on her way to campus and somehow ended up at the CSSS. She was told to write something in her bio but she really has no hobbies other than overloading her work schedule and complaining about it to her friends. If you want to find Dina for any reason, just follow the 'POYO!!' echoing down the hallways. poyo.

Son Nguyen photo for term 20212

Executive at Large 1 - Son Nguyen

Start Date - 12 May 2021

Favourite Courses - CMPT130 | PHIL105

Languages of Choice - Java | JavaScript

Contact - csss-eal-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

Son got to this point thanks to CJ dragged him to room-0 on a rainy day. Son is a 2nd-year student that so far enjoys smashing his head on the keyboard until his bugs are fixed and it is proven that to better than caffeine. So far he is a little bit confused with CS but at least he got the spirit. If you can not find him then there is a good chance he is just playing his older Pokemon games or being a filthy mobile gamer.

Fatemeh Kiannejad photo for term 20212

Executive at Large 2 - Fatemeh Kiannejad

Start Date - 12 May 2021

Favourite Courses - CMPT 365 | CMPT 213

Languages of Choice - Python | Java

Contact - csss-eal-current@sfu.ca

Bio -

I like to take long walks on the beach and help CSSS plan new events whenever I can. Feel free to reach me if you just want to talk to someone online or need help with MACM or CMPT :)

Ryan Vansickle photo for term 20212

SFSS Council Representative - Ryan Vansickle

Start Date - 01 May 2021

Favourite Courses - ONC 548 | SPAN 306

Languages of Choice - COBOL | Fortran

Contact - csss-councilrep@sfu.ca

Bio -

Ryan is almost entirely sure he used to live in Toronto. He has abandoned haircuts and good taste in music in the hope that he will one day attain enlightenment. There has never been a human being less suited to computer science, but he's totally doing his best. Has been hungry since 2008, and is full of useless knowledge, all of which is fair-trade and gluten-free. Available in Rose Gold, Zesty Lemon Spice, and Perpetual Disappointment.

John Wu photo for term 20212

Frosh Week Chair - John Wu

Start Date - 10 Mar 2021

Favourite Courses - MACM101 | CMPT295

Languages of Choice - Java | C++

Contact - csss-froshchair@sfu.ca

Bio -

> John was in his 4th year at SFU
> He loved the CSSS so much. He had went to all their board game nights.
> He would pray to the CSSS every night before bed, thanking them for the life he has been given.
> "CSSS is love", he would say; "CSSS is life"

Jace Manshadi photo for term 20212

Systems Administrator - Jace Manshadi

Start Date - 01 Jul 2017

Favourite Courses - CMPT 433 | CMPT 471

Languages of Choice - C++ | Assembly

Contact - csss-sysadmin@sfu.ca

Bio -

just here to have fun with python and jenkins