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By-Election: 2024-01-30

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Position: Vice-President

24 votes of No Confidence

Nominee Name: Jake Choi

Votes: 102

Contact/Social Media: Instagram Profile | LinkedIn Profile | Email: jyc50@sfu.ca | Discord Nickname: Jake Choi 🦖 | Discord Username: sshmurk

Nominee Speech:

Hello everyone,

You might know me as the guy who likes dinosaurs and making music, or the guy who sends the “Good Morning” gifs in the CSSS Discord server every morning.

My name is Jake Choi, and I am a second year Computing Science major with plans to pursue a Statistics minor. I love being involved with the CSSS and helping out the community in any way I can.

During my time at SFU, I have been actively engaged both within and beyond the CSSS, contributing my efforts to diverse initiatives and events. Currently, I hold the role of Lead Organizer for this year's FAS Formal event, a faculty-wide event organized collaboratively by executives from five other student societies. My involvement extends to serving as one of the FAS Student Ambassadors, holding positions as an Executive at Large for two semesters, a HIVE Welcome Leader, and being in the CSSS Frosh committee and Events committee. I have made many new friends and had the opportunity to work with such an amazing executive team, and was a part of many memorable events.

However, I want to explore new and challenging opportunities, which is why I am running for interim Vice-President. The Vice-President plays a pivotal role in the society, acting as a stand-in for the president, chairing meetings, overseeing volunteers, executives and events, as well as communicating with executives from other student societies. Their broad responsibilities contribute to the overall stability and effectiveness of the society's operations.

Some of my key commitments as Vice-President will include:

  • Event Coordination - I will continue to take the lead on FAS Formal and actively collaborate with the Director of Events and other volunteers to oversee and contribute to the planning of various upcoming events and workshops, such as the Mountain Madness hackathon and Linux Workshop.

  • Connections with Faculty and Other Department Student Unions - As a FAS Student Ambassador, I've gained familiarity with the faculty and staff, and this ongoing experience will continue to make communication with the department more accessible and straightforward for effective interaction. Additionally, I've built connections with executives from different student unions through collaborative initiatives. Establishing strong connections with the faculty and staff is crucial, enabling me to effectively represent the needs and interests of the CSSS. Similarly, connections with other department student unions will facilitate collaborative event planning and initiatives with their executives, ensuring a more impactful student experience.

  • Usage of Student Feedback - I will actively collect and listen to your feedback to better understand your needs and preferences. This ongoing effort will guide us in making our events and initiatives more useful and relevant to you.

My background includes extensive experience that has prepared me for this role. In high school, I served as the student council vice president and secretary for over two years, where I chaired every student council meeting. During this time, I successfully reached out to companies to organize and lead events and was responsible for overseeing executives and event planning within the student council. Additionally, I collaborated with multiple high schools in Vancouver to create successful events and independently or collaboratively hosted numerous successful school-wide activities.

Furthermore, my involvement in the SFU CSSS executive team and other committees has provided valuable insights. Learning from previous leaders and actively participating in various roles has equipped me with the necessary skills and understanding to take on the challenges and responsibilities that come with the role of Vice-President. I am confident that my diverse experiences have prepared me to contribute effectively to the continued success of the society.

Thank you for taking the time to read my speech and consider my candidacy for the interim Vice-President position. I am thrilled at the opportunity to potentially serve as your interim Vice-President, and I will dedicate myself diligently to the responsibilities of this role for the benefit of our student society and its members.

Thank you,
Jake Choi

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