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By-Election: 2019-09-20

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Position: Assistant Director of Events

17 votes of No Confidence

Nominee Name: Celina Wright

Votes: 94

Nominee Speech:

My name is Celina Wright and I'm running for Assistant Director of Events. I'm a 3rd year student in Computing Science. I currently live at the Burnaby Campus, so I spend almost all my time here attending CS events & meetings and focusing on studies (or wasting time in the CS common room).
Last semester, I was an Executive at Large. As an exec, I helped plan and run events, monitor club events in CS spaces, book rooms, and purchase resources needed for events. I helped at boardgames nights, regularly cleaned the common room with our Director of Resources, Truman, and was a leader during Frosh Week which included being awake 27 hours for Midnight Madness (which was so worth it).

I've discussed future events with Truman and our current Director of Events, Nikola, and hope that I'll get to continue working with them to run events over the next 2 semesters. We plan to continue bi-weekly boardgames (which might get some upgrades) and also have tentative plans for events this semester, including:

  • An Applied Sciences Halloween pub crawl (hopefully with MSE, Engineering, and SoSy students as well as CS students)
  • Fright Night at Playland with group
  • discounts and possibly group travel
  • Scary movie night(s) on campus, with snacks!
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Christmas Hot Chocolate
  • Christmas movie night(s) on campus
  • Secret Santa
  • Decorating the common room event
  • Dungeons & Dragons (!!!)

I'd love to have more 19+ events over the next couple semesters but also plenty of events for underage students too. I also want to ensure that events consistently meet any dietary restrictions or safety concerns, so that everyone feels included and safe.
I've had a great time getting so much more involved with the CSSS and meeting so many other students. I can't wait to get even more involved and give back to the society.  Any and all event suggestions (or complaints) are appreciated and I hope to have a great semester full of great CSSS-sponsored events!

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Votes: 28

Nominee Speech:

Dear all, As you have assumed by my registration for every position in the CSSS in the last year, I am not running that seriously. However, this does not mean I wish to lose. Please vote for me if you are dissatisfied with my opponents for this position. Should I win, I intend to take this position earnestly and diligently; the same as if I was running seriously

Position: Director of Communications

4 votes of No Confidence

Nominee Name: Sarbjotm Mann

Votes: 45

Contact/Social Media: Email: sarbjotm@sfu.ca

Nominee Speech:

Hi everyone!
I'm Sarbjot (better known as Amander by most), a third-year Computing Science Student and I'll be running for Director of Communications in this by-election.
Over the past few years, I've been helping fellow students with MACM 101/201/316, Calculus 1/2, Linear Algebra and 100 level CMPT courses. I also was the Director of Communications over the past summer term but sadly had to resign due to unforeseen circumstances.
During my short term, I was able to accomplish the following things:

  • Added more roles on our Discord Server, as well as changed the roles name to relate them to Computing Science, and created a more diverse colour scheme
  • Advertised events on our social media network(s), as well on our calendar on our website
  • Managed social media accounts
  • Along with Truman and Cole got a computer for the common room
  • Helped with the logo deciding committee
  • General help if any Exec needed it (With events, emails, cleaning of the common room, filling the pop machine, etc)
  • Talked to Bryant (Math Advisor) about the concerns about the number of seats in MACM 201, and got ~200 seats added for the course for the Fall 2019 Semester.

Additionally initiated the conversation with Christopher Duffin to get a hackathon running with Mobify for November which is still in the works.
I am still involved with the CSSS by continuing to offer support with the courses mentioned above, coordinating the hackathon with Mobify, cleaning the common room, and in general making sure things go smoothly. I'm also helping some CMPT 120 students this semester getting adjusted to their first CMPT class.
If elected, I plan to do the following things:

  • Create a monthly newsletter (~1 page) that provides our members' information about all events happening that month, key deadlines/information (Tuition deadline, Exam Schedule, Room Changes, etc), and in general any interesting information/event that may be of use (Hackathons for example)
  • Talk to more Advisors (during enrollment period) to see if seats can be added to popular CMPT/MACM courses
  • Coordinate with the DoE and ADoE and see if we could get more guest speakers to talk about the industry, and their experiences
  • Promote the Discord Server to our members
  • To the best of my abilities help out all of the other Execs
  • Continue to advertise events on facebook/Discord and as well on the website
  • Oversee social media accounts

I can promise you that I'm here to serve you and make sure you have a wonderful time at SFU. If you have any questions feel free to send any questions to sarbjotm@sfu.ca or come by the common room.
Sarbjot Mann

Nominee Name: Karan Aujla

Votes: 36

Nominee Speech:

My name is Karan Aujla, and I want to be your next Director of Communications. I am a 5th year student in the Computing Science. If you've been around the common room over the past few years, you've probably seen me chilling on my laptop or working on assignments.
I've been Elections Officer 8 times over the past 4 years so I thought I should checkout how it is on the other side. As Elections Officer, I've sent plenty of emails so I'm confident in my ability to continue doing that as Director of Communications. I've also met and am friends with most of the previous Director of Communications so I have a large knowledge base to draw from.
I have served on the CSSS executive team in the past as an Exec At large in summer 2018 where I helped the execs through a rather tumultuous time. From this experience, I learned much about what it means to be an executive of the CSSS. With the experiences learned as a past exec, I wish to serve the CSSS members to the best ability I can.
Additionally, I am the current Interim Discord Manager and wish to continue running the Discord server, trying my best to make it a more welcoming place. I have plans to create a place for feedback and try to listen to and respond to all feedback.
The CSSS has been a fundamental part of my career at SFU, and I know it has been for others as well - which is why I am running for this position. In short, I want to serve you, the member, to the best of my ability.
Thank you for your time, good luck to everyone else that is running, and I hope I can count on your vote.

Nominee Name: John Wu

Votes: 22

Nominee Speech:

Hey friends. My name is John Wu, but you might also know me as that one guy who hangs around the common room and cleans up every so often. I have now set my sights higher, and now seek to waste dedicating my time to keeping the CSSS’ virtual presence nice and clean as well. My accomplishments include:

  • Being a Frosh leader for two froshes, including Frosh 2019 where I won the Slushee competition and became the first and only person in CSSS history to attain the self-bestowed title of “The Big Suck”.
  • Achieving the level 25 role ‘Git Gud” on the official CSSS Discord.
  • Being nominated for CSSS Exec at Large elections twice (winning is a different thing altogether, but that’s besides the point.)

Jokes aside, I do intend to take my role as Director of Communications seriously if I am elected. I plan to perform all the standard responsibilities expected of the DoC:

  • Management of all CSSS social media accounts.
  • Sending emails to CSSS members concerning news and events.
  • Communication with other parties on behalf of the CSSS.
  • Moderation of the official CSSS discord server.

I also plan to go beyond the standard job description by reorganizing our maillists to allow students to opt out of emails that they find unnecessary and annoying, such as the announcements for meetings and boardgame nights. I will also take any further suggestions and ideas into consideration, in order to be the best Director of Communications this election has to offer.
Thanks,John Wu

Nominee Name: Ryan Vansickle

Votes: 20

Nominee Speech:

Hello CSSS!
Some of you may remember me as the last director of communications that didn't quit halfway through. As always, I plan to continue maintaining our social media, expanding the Discord server, and connecting with other clubs and student unions. I have heard your feedback about receiving unwanted emails - especially in addition to SFSS, WiCS, and department emails - and promise to continue making sure you only receive the messages that truly matter (free food and hackathons). Don't forget to SMASH ✊ THAT 😤 MF 👌 LIKE 😍 BUTTON 💯 for more awful election speeches and my continued support in mocking the Student Union Building.
Also please re-re-elect me so I can finally get a decent exec photo.
It has been three years.

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Votes: 12

Nominee Speech:

Dear all, As you have assumed by my registration for every position in the CSSS in the last year, I am not running that seriously. However, this does not mean I wish to lose. Please vote for me if you are dissatisfied with my opponents for this position. Should I win, I intend to take this position earnestly and diligently; the same as if I was running seriously

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