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By-Election: 2018-12-01

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Position: Director of Resources

7 votes of No Confidence

Nominee Name: Laurens Bosman

Votes: 32

Nominee Speech:

Hi I’m Laurens, a lot of you should know me by now since I’m always in the common room. I’m a transfer student so this was my first semester here at SFU. I hope to get more involved next semester so you should vote me in as DOR.

I’m not going to make any fancy promises but I will make sure that the pop machine is stocked all the time.

Nominee Name: Brendan Chan

Votes: 24

Nominee Speech:

Hello CSSS Membership,

As Dictator of (common) Room, I promise to do these things.

  • Defer most responsibilities of administration, maintenance, upkeep, and smooth operation of all Common Room assets to Exec at Larges.
  • Ensure proper entropy for the order of drinks in the mystery column.
  • Regularly ensure these assets remain in good working order and are usable by the membership.
  • Protect the CSSS funds by being scarcely available to sign cheques.
  • Print newer pictures of CSSS events to hang on various areas of the common room walls. As well as new posters and other fun things. (Like replacing that graph of programming languages with maybe a portrait of Corbett or something)
  • Make more use of the giant bulletin board outside the common room.
  • Look into improving merchandise sales by selling more forms of merch, perhaps including (but not limited to) keychains, stickers, and lanyards.
  • Maybe find a way to control the speakers in the common room over discord.
  • Replace the longtime missing common room terminal, as well as fix the cabinet it's kept in (and maybe some security so that it doesn't get stolen again).
  • Maybe rearrange the frosh flags somehow so 2018's flag isn't all lonely.

TL:DR fix the broken stuff, replace the old stuff, bring in new stuff. save money.



oh btw i'll be on co-op

Nominee Name: Hailey Friesen

Votes: 22

Nominee Speech:

As some of you may know, I’m Hailey Friesen, an honorary member of the CSSS. I’ve only been at SFU for one semester, but since coming to the school, have been actively involved in the CSSS, despite not being a Compsci major. I frequent the common room, and attend meetings and game nights.

What I Plan To Do

  • Ensure dishes are done and the common room is clean
  • Ensure good quality and quantity of pop, snacks, and supplies in the common room
  • Occasionally make hand baked goods, such as cookies, for the common room

Essentially, I plan on being your compsci mom, but with less nagging!

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Votes: 6

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