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By-Election: 2018-06-21

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Position: Vice-President

6 votes of No Confidence and 1 Skipped Vote

Nominee Name: Winfield Chen

Votes: 45

Nominee Speech:

Hi everyone,

As the Vice President of the CSSS I will:

  • Have an updated constitution before the end of the year.
  • Ensure the proposed pub crawl with the UBC CSSS is a success.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles to the success of the upcoming Frosh Week.
  • Organize trips to workplaces in the local Vancouver tech industry.
  • Invite local tech companies to make technical presentations to CS students, in a “tech fair” format covering the technologies they’re working with or on, especially in lesser known, beneficial, or interesting fields not covered enough in courses.
  • Promote the next Mountain Madness hackathon, hopefully to a point where we can get industry talks and sponsors, similar to larger hackathons elsewhere, or host more smaller ones if the previous is not possible.
  • Be consistently present in the common room for easy accessibility by the people of the society.
  • Form a committee to investigate the feasibility of buying the proposed Mahjong table.

I have previous leadership experience as the leader of the Science Club and the Math Club at my high school which included organizing field trips, inviting guest speakers, demonstrating science experiments, running contests, and acquiring materials. Additionally I have industry experience and a good academic record as a former intern at Hootsuite’s Operations team. If there is anything more you want done in the society, reach out on Discord or facebook or find me in the Common Room in most hours of the day and night.

See you at the polls!

Winfield Chen

Nominee Name: Ali Khamesy

Votes: 21

Nominee Speech:

Hello everyone,

My name is Ali Khamesy and I am a first-year computing science student here at SFU. I am applying to be the next vice president of CSSS. My experience so far of having Surrey classes alongside heavy workloads honed my skills in time management and working under pressure. With the skill set that I have developed and a lighter schedule, I am able to dedicate myself to this position.

My vision for the future of our CSSS family is to tighten up the loose ends and bring us to a path of stability. One of the ways we can achieve this is by advertising our community to the incoming first-year students. Personally, I was initially unaware of CSSS until it was weeks later into my first semester. Our goal should be to directly focus heavily on reaching out to first-year students before the first day of class, through mailing lists, social media, event booths, and word of mouth.

In highschool I was the head of sales for the MSF club and I handled all of the finances and sales logistics for the club, where we raised an average of $1500 per year for charity. Also in grade twelve, I was the head of tech as well as the administrative representative for my high school's musical theater club, this role involved organizing logistics such as sending emails and co-operating with the administration since my school has strict policies.

Overall, I have the experience to take on this position that will help set me on the right path. Also, I have the time and motivation in order to help the society get to a better place. I look forward to helping society in any way I can!

Thanks for reading and voting,

Ali Khamesy

Nominee Name: Kia Mirsalehi

Votes: 17

Nominee Speech:

My name is Kia, I'm a third year cs major. I was Director of Resources of the CSSS for over a year as well as Frosh Chair last year. The CSSS has given me a purpose and life on the campus that has benefited my life and I wanna make sure that it can continue doing that in the future.

The current executive team only has one executive that has held a position for longer than one semester, which is great, as it proves that there are new members dedicated to keeping the society running. However, the lack of experience means that there's info regarding operations, connections, as well as day to day runnings of the CSSS.

If elected, I intend to do a number of important things:

  • Establish a large transition folder with info to not only help the current executive team, but to also ease transition in future years.
  • Currently, Board Meetings and discussions within executive channels end up taking hours and leading to circular arguments. I intend to establish an efficient system for clear communication to save time and work more efficiently.
  • Since the current organizers for the Silicon Valley trip are graduating, one of my greatest priorities will be to develop a committee to ensure that the Silicon Valley trip continues next year successfully.
  • Our current constitution is greatly lacking, I will make sure to update it as it is meant to provide important framework and infrastructure for the basis of the society.
  • I also intend to make sure all the other executives have the support they require to fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities.

Nominee Name: Matthew Morrison

Votes: 17

Nominee Speech:

Hello everyone,

My name is Matthew Morrison. I am a 3rd/4th year student in CompSci and I believe my 24 years of experience sitting in chairs has prepared me well for this job.

Jokes aside, I have experience working as a Systems Administrator in a large enterprise environment. Every day I communicate with internal and external teams (and support) to ensure smooth operations. The fact that I can be trusted with expensive and valuable infrastructure should speak about how trustworthy I am. And I believe the fact that nobody hates me at my job will mean that nobody will hate me as VP.

Those of you who live and sleep in the common room will have seen me around before and will recognize my face, some might even recognize my name! I do tend to drop in every few months.

And yes I am doxxing myself here, but on the CSSS discord I can be seen posting as nos. (Not a surprise to anyone who can read Nosirrom backwards.)

As elected VP I will perform my role with the best interest of our Student Society and with the input of my peers.

This is my offer of service to the CSSS.

Matthew Morrison

Nominee Name: VJ Bakhshi

Votes: 14

Nominee Speech:

Hi, I'd like to announce my running for Vice President of the CSSS. If you don't know who I am, my name is Vijender Bakhshi, but most of you probably know me as VJ. I'm a 3rd year computing science student, I am also the current Treasurer for the CSSS. Ever since starting here at SFU I've been attending meetings and involving myself with the society because I saw something that I hadn't before. I saw a group of like minded students that made a difference to the lives of their peers and fellow students, and I knew that I wanted to be part of that.

Before I get to why I think I would make a great VP I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Paul W. Allan for all that he has done for our society in both the little time he's been the VP as well as all times he's held positions in the past. And even now he continues to help with sage like advice from time to time. Once again thank you Paul.

Now moving on the part where I talk about myself. I think I would make a great vice president not only because I am prepared to sacrifice my personal time for the time commitments needed for the job, but also because I think my past experiences have taught means to be a leader. I'm no stranger to taking on high maintenance jobs. In the past I've been the lead sound technician in a play, that entailed a lot of organizational tasks, communicating between the different departments (lighting, drama, administration, and the actors themselves), there was a lot of telling people to get their shit done. I've also been an editor for my high school yearbook twice, once with an official position and the other not due to an injury. This job was mostly making sure the entire layout team was meeting deadlines and not slacking off. Essentially a lot of yelling at people, envision J Jonah Jameson from the Raimi era Spiderman movies, except Indian and without the cigar. Both these positions in the past have made me no stranger to make hard choices and staying calm when shit starts to hit the fan.

My immediate goals are to put together our FAS funding request package and to ensure that everything entailing that goes on without a hitch. I would also like to update and finalize the changes to our outdated constitution, and to go along with this I want to put together our policies committee to update and/or remove some of our policies that are way out of date and no longer make sense.

My long-term goals involve working closely with the 2018 Silicon Valley trip organizers and leaders to not only learn about ways the trip next could be improved but also to start working on some documentation that would ensure the continuance of the great network trip for years to come. A big goal of mine is to see to it that the CSSS grows over all, and the key to this in my eyes is attendance. The work done by the CSSS in my eyes is very important. We act as the go-between for the students so we can relay information to the faculty about course problems and in turn the faculty tries to remedy some of these problems. The faculty also at times tell us about upcoming changes to the program so that we can get the word out so no one is caught off guard. Beyond things at the academic level the society also tries to bring everyone together to create a community where people can access each other for help but also just meet new people and hangout. So, in order for these things to continue well into the future I want to increase the attendance in both our general meetings and social events. A major factor of this will be making it clearer to the students what it is the CSSS does and how they can get involved and start making a difference.

The CSSS has done a lot for me and I want to give back in the biggest way I can right now.

Thank you all for taking time to read this. And the best of luck to all the other candidates.


VJ | Tb Orlbaq!

If elected I will be stepping down from my current position as the CSSS Treasurer but will continue doing the duties of the Treasurer until a new one has been elected.

I will also ensure that the new Treasurer is properly brought up to speed on how to conduct their job.

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Votes: 6

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