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By-Election: 2017-11-30

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Position: Director of Archives

9 votes of No Confidence

Nominee Name: Eric Gao

Votes: 53

Nominee Speech:

Hi I’m Eric. You may have seen me hanging around the common room playing games and generally hanging out. Well now instead of simply refilling the pop machine and helping out other execs I’d like to take some more responsibility and help organize the CSSS. That’s right I’d like to be your Director of Archives.

After spending some time as an exec at large along with my previous experience as Treasurer of SFU’s Canadian Cancer Society, I believe I’d be a good fit for Director of Archives. Having good organizational skills along with learning from a variety of sources like past DOAs and other committees both new and old. Quickly learning and improving on these methods used in both past and present are some of the skills I plan on bringing to the table.

As an exec at large Corbett has previously contacted me about considering past meeting minutes and documents to organize ideas and events that the CSSS had previously implemented. This way we can look back at what can be approved upon and avoid events and acts that didn’t go so well.

In short as Director of Archives I promise to keep our current and any future documents, for both meeting minutes as well as summary for different events and undertakings, orderly. At the same time I wish to reorganize and catalogue as much of the past documents as possible and bring anything interesting that may be found to the light of the rest of our society.

Nominee Name: Keon Li

Votes: 19

Nominee Speech:

Greets CSSS members!

My name’s Keon Li, and I’m a first-year computer science student. Some of you may have met, spoken, or even befriended me this past semester. If you’ve ever met me, you’d know at least these two things about me: I bring surprises wherever I go, and I am always committed to anything I am passionate about.

While I don’t have many experiences in SFU yet, I’ve been the student council vice president for a mini-school of 90 students. I took minutes, organized events, and attempted my best to act as a role model to my colleagues while trying to keep an upbeat and light-hearted attitude.

As your next Director of Archives, I swear upon my GTX-1070 TI that I will always follow these commands:

  • To ensure that proper notice of the General Meetings is given
  • To record the minutes of those meetings
  • To make these minutes available to the public
  • To be a friend you can always rely on

Vote for me and all my surprises to be your next Director of Archives, and maybe I won’t lose!


Keon Li

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