SFU's Computing Science Student Society

By-Election: 2016-08-07

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Position: President

Nominee Name: Kai Zhang

Nominee Speech:

Hello everyone, my name is Kai and I am running for the position for president for the remainder of year. I would like to share with you some insights of where I think the future of this organization could be going.

In my mind, computer science is frontier of human achievement. We are trained not only to excel in math and logic, but also to build things that takes us to a new age. We don't just aspire to creating a good life for ourselves, but also for the future. I am certain I am not only one that feels this way in the common room.

So what do we have to do? Well, good partitioning of value adding events is important. For example, hack time events could be partitioned in such a way that is more targeted towards students that want to learn particular skill sets. I specialize in iOS development in swift, but I am also interested computer vision and machine learning. How would I be able to teach iOS while learn Neural networks at same time? Surely there must be a way for me to learn from workshop like events; Surely there must be a way for us to work with the best programmers; Surely there must be a way for us to develop more than just what classrooms can teach us.

In my mind, hack time should be segmented into sections, each with its own targets goals. For example, a full stack web development section can quickly level up students in need for coop jobs. A prototype development section in can quickly train up students for kaggle competitions. An ACM competitive section can prepare students to handle technical interviews or algorithms for their projects.

I apologize if I come across too serious and grand deious, but I am older now and I feel the time has come for me to accomplish great things and contribute to the world. I feel that this is the best environment for both me and you to be in. I want to make more friends, and together we build something great for the future generations to come.

Position: Treasurer

Nominee Name: Paul Allan

Nominee Speech:


Position: Director of Resources

Nominee Name: Bhavya Shah

Nominee Speech:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Bhavya and I'm running for the Director of Resources position. I will work hard to ensure the administration of maintenance, upkeep, and smooth operation of all CSSS resources and assets. I will therefore make sure that our technical equipment, vending machines, our exam bank are all in proper order.

I am entering my second year at SFU where I will be internally transferring to Computing Science from Engineering. I am very passionate about technology especially as it pertains to improving people's lives. I want to serve in this position so that I can get involved with the CSSS and improve the experience of our society. I promise to you that I will work together with my fellow executives to maintain our resources so that we can have more events in the future. I kindly ask for your vote.

Bhavya Bhavya

Position: Director of Events

Nominee Name: Eric Ly

Nominee Speech:


Position: Director of Communications

Nominee Name: Henry Zhao

Nominee Speech:

Hello everyone!

My name is Henry Zhao, and it's now my 4th year at SFU. After a whole 4 years, I've never tried to interact or join the CSSS, mostly due to nerves, but also mostly out of sheer intimidation. But now I've realized just how important it is to interact with your fellow students within the CSSS, and I hope to reach out and encourage people who are like me to take a step out of their comfort zone.

As Director of Communications, my 2 main focus for the duration of my position will be:

  • Break down the social and mental barriers of students who are too shy or afraid to participate in CSSS events, much like I was.
  • Bring in more guest speakers from various companies to give students more networking opportunities

I realize that as senior students look to graduate, they are more interested in potential co-op opportunities, and will benefit greatly from learning the work flow and the expectations of various companies they are hoping to enter. One of my main priorities is to create that opportunity for our students, to make sure they get a chance to listen to and potentially speak with various tech companies around Vancouver. I pledge to bombard all potential tech companies all around Vancouver with endless emails and inquiries, and hope to set up as many workshops and guest speakers as I possibly can.

As the Director of Communications, I recognize that I will act as the bridge between CSSS, graduate students, alumni, and any student that has yet to actively participate in the CSSS. I pledge that as the DOC, I will make myself available to everyone as the point of contact, and I will be available on Facebook, Wechat, Slack, Skype, email and any other platforms of communication that people would prefer. I am typically the kind of friend that responds within seconds to messages, so you can bet that your messages won't go unanswered, and will be read and responded to immediately!


Henry Zhao

Position: Director of Archives

Nominee Name: Trevor Gale

Nominee Speech:

Hey Everyone!

I'm Trevor Gale and I'm running for the position of Director of Archives. When I'm in the common room I can most often be found on the couches behind a thinkpad laptop. In case you're not aware the job of Director of Archives primarily involves administration related activities, especially concerning the running of meetings for the CSSS.

I think I'd be a great candidate for this position because:

  • I promise to fulfill all requirements of this position including keeping meeting minutes, posting and emailing notices of upcoming meetings, and maintaining the CSSS archives(among other things).
  • This semester I've attended every CSSS meeting
  • Further, I pledge to use only the glorious Linux operating system to take meeting minutes

Thanks Everyone!

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