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General Election: 2016-03-21

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Position: President

9 votes of No Confidence and 4 Skipped Votes

Nominee Name: James Hannah

Votes: 40

Nominee Speech:

Hi everyone, my name is James Hannah, and I want to be your president. I’ve been around since Fall 2012, and have previously held the position of Council Representative.

In the past year, there have been a lot of changes. Hack time was introduced, the common room has been switched around, even the constitution has been reformed to more accurately reflect the current state of affairs. And that’s all great. Isn’t change great? But it can’t be all change all the time. There needs to be time for growth. And I think that time is this year.

My main, overarching goal is attendance. I want people to show up to the things we do, because I think that they’re worthwhile. And I want people to know they’re worthwhile.

This doesn’t mean that nothing will change. I want to expand on some old ideas, maybe look into bringing back Tech Fair or having more tutorials of commonly used tools. These just aren’t my main focus. I want to improve turnout with what we do right now, and make the people we represent more engaged in what we do.

Overall, my plan is to take the things which are currently happening and make them keep happening, just better and with more people. Simple, right?

James Hannah

Nominee Name: Bosco Noronha

Votes: 11

Nominee Speech:

Yeo, I am the Che of CSSS, here is my app.
My Promises:

  • A site so gr8 it will make CS gr8 again, just like it did with the FROSH2015 website.
  • More Jobs. The students of CS have the ability to showcase their skills on the new site, and as a result find meaningful paid work at local companies while in university.
  • More food. With CS students coding all night and sleeping all day during classes, I promise more nutritious pizza during meetings. This will solve the malnutrition problem in CS.
  • More women in computing science.
  • 2 exec seats for each role, so that shit can actually get done. Without having excuses.
  • Star Wars & Chill may or may not come to life.

Position: Vice-President

2 votes of No Confidence and 4 Skipped Votes

Nominee Name: David Miiller

Votes: 58

Nominee Speech:

Hi all!
I’m David, the current Director of Archives (it’s like a secretary). Please accept this sentence as formal apologies for spamming your emails for the past year. I’ve definitely enjoyed being the main point of contact with the membership of the society, but even now sending out e-mails to 3612.0 students scares the hell out of me.

I’m hoping to continue on to a new role in our society, one which I feel needs a fresh breath of air. The Vice-President is perhaps the most general of yearly positions, serving as a backup president. However, the VP is also supposed to coordinate the operation of the CSSS, often through volunteers. The VP must be the person that makes sure things get done, not just talked about. If we want pizza Fridays back, we have to man the table. If we want to improve course sizes and schedules, we have to push the department. A VP should make sure these actions are carried out, delegating what they can and handling what cannot be delegated personally. This will allow us to continue to do what we love and to do so much more.

Furthermore, the most important issue our society currently faces is one of size, not scope. We have many awesome initiatives, but dwindling attendance. I want this to be our grand focus this year, whether that is through better advertisement, more in person outreach, or more events. I want this to be the year where Hack-Time soars, Frosh is huge, and spirits are high.

To put it simply, the CSSS does some awesome things, and I want to help it do awesome things for even more people.

Thanks, peace, and have a fun day!

David Miiller

Position: Treasurer

8 votes of No Confidence and 3 Skipped Votes

Nominee Name: Jordan Toering

Votes: 53

Nominee Speech:

Hi, my name is Jordan. I’ve been a Computer Science Major at SFU since Fall 2012 and have held the Treasurer position for four semesters: Fall 2014, Summer 2015, Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. I took on a leadership role in the recent common room reorganization/upgrade and am pleased to report that this process is complete and now benefitting users of the common room.

I am intending to pursue a co-op in Fall 2016 and thus can only hold the position for one semester.

Jordan Toering

Position: Director of Resources

7 votes of No Confidence and 5 Skipped Votes

Nominee Name: Emre Erhan

Votes: 52

Nominee Speech:

Hey everyone

I’m Emre and I’ll be running for Director of Resources for next year. I’m the dude who wears glasses and usually sits at the table in the common room behind his Macbook. This is the position that’s responsible for keeping all of our resources in order. This means I’ll be keeping track of almost everything in the common room, including ordering pop for our vending machines, and keeping track of exam files.

I’m currently a third year bioinformatics student, that is I study both computing science and MBB. I’ve been fairly active in our community within the common room and at our various events. I want to have this role so I can have a greater positive impact on the CSSS and generally be of greater use to our community. I think I’m a good candidate for this position since I’m a trusted member of the society who will be dedicated to this role

.I’m looking forward to hearing your decisions.


Position: Director of Events

7 votes of No Confidence and 5 Skipped Votes

Nominee Name: Paul Allan

Votes: 34

Nominee Speech:

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Paul Allan and I would like to be the Director of Events of the CSSS for the Summer 2016 term to the Spring 2017 term. I was initially a student in 2012-2013, but I have since returned to school after taking a 2-and-a-half year hiatus. My previous record of positions held in the CSSS are as follows:

  • Fall 2012 - Secretary (Old position for Director of Archives/Communications)
  • Spring 2013 - Executive at Large
  • Summer 2013 - Elected as Treasurer, stepped down due to taking time off school.
  • Spring 2016 - Executive at Large/Council Representative

My main reason for running as Director of Events is to motivate new students to engage in the CSSS and by doing so meet more students in their Major. I would like to look into doing more co-operative events with the other DSUs in Applied Science (ESSS, MCESS and SoSci/SSSS) and with WICS and WEGS. I would like to bring back Pizza Fridays in the Fall term, and run 1 event a week if we can get proper attendance. Some events I would like to organize are Movie Nights, Board Games Nights, Retro Games Nights and a LAN Party.

I’m open to working with others, generally approachable and am organized.

If you vote for me, all your wildest dreams will come true.

Paul Allan
Council Rep. for the CSSS
Exec. at Large for the CSSS

Nominee Name: Eric Ly

Votes: 18

Nominee Speech:

Hey everyone, my name’s Eric and I’m an honorary CSSS member. You’ve probably seen me in the CSSS common room at some point because I spend pretty much all my time there. I am a fourth year Behavioural Neuroscience Major so yes, I probably know what you want to do for fun and why. Probably.

I’ve never worked with the CSSS before, but I’d like to get the opportunity to learn and help develop it. I’ve been to many of the events hosted by the CSSS, so I have an understanding of how they work and the amount of time and effort necessary to put into these events. I am also willing to allocate more time into making these events happen, as I like to have fun, as evidenced by my wallet.

Besides board game nights, other ideas I’d like to bring to the table are:

  • Come Hate Your Friends Night (where we exclusively play games like Monopoly, Munchkins, and Kittens in a Blender)
  • More tournaments for video games that the CSSS are interested in
  • Overnight LAN Parties
  • Group Outings (Darts, Pool, etc.)
  • More movie nights (I’m willing to use my house for this)

I’m always open to suggestions, and remember, I don’t have a life so this would really help me out and give me something to do for you guys.

Eric Ly

Position: Director of Communications

5 votes of No Confidence and 6 Skipped Votes

Nominee Name: Farzin Ahmed

Votes: 47

Nominee Speech:

Hi all! I am Farzin Ahmed and I am running for Director of Communications (DOC). I have held the Executive at Large position for two previous semesters, and with my experience serving the CSSS, I believe that I am prepared to take on a more challenging role.

The DOC is expected to be the channel between the CSSS and other organizations (internal and external), requiring correspondence with graduate students, alumni, the CS office and external organizations, as well as promote CSSS and expand its membership. As DOC, my main goals will be to boost the public image of CSSS and keep all members informed of the exciting things the CSSS are doing, in addition to fulfilling the aforementioned responsibilities. Additionally, I will also ensure that organizations and companies are aware of our accomplishments, maintaining relationships with them to benefit our student body (which means better events, networking opportunities and workshops!)

I am an outgoing, friendly person; I enjoy meeting new people and building friendships so I will bring passion to what I will do. Cheers and remember to vote!


Nominee Name: Brendan Chan

Votes: 6

Nominee Speech:

Hello everyone,

I am Brendan, I’m a first year computer science major. I spend a lot of time in the common room so you may have seen me around.
I hope to get more involved with the CSSS and make myself more known to the rest of you.

One of the ways I plan to achieve this is by running for the position of Director of Communications.

Brendan Chan

Position: Director of Archives

6 votes of No Confidence and 6 Skipped Votes

Nominee Name: Jonathan Loewen

Votes: 52

Nominee Speech:

Hey Everyone,

I’m Jonathan Loewen.
This is my first year at SFU, and you’ll usually find me hanging out in the common room on weekdays (and weekends), or studying in CSIL or the 5th floor of the Library. I am running for the Director of Archives position, although I may be on co-op in the coming Fall or Spring and require a replacement.

As DOA, I pledge to do the following things:

  • Take minutes of CSSS meetings and maintain the already existing archive of minutes.
  • Spread CSSS Propaganda (AKA Meeting Minutes & Notices) throughout the ASB Atrium.
  • Post the CSSS constitution in the appropriate places, as well as inappropriate places.
  • Record biased write-ups about CSSS events and then pretend that what was written actually happened.
  • Encourage people to attend meetings for the sole purpose of fulfilling quorum.

In other words, I promise to fulfill what is required of the DOA position.

I also pledge to move the creation of minutes back to proprietary software – under my reign, all minutes will be written using Microsoft OneNote on the glorious Windows 8 Operating System.

Thank you,
Jonathan Loewen

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