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What is Tech Fair?

Tech Fair is a career fair located at SFU's Burnaby campus in Burnaby British Columbia, where various tech companies are invited to come in and set up a booth from 9:30am - 4:00pm October 26th to advertise their company. This is a great opportunity to expand the name recognition of your company. There are over 2700 Computing Science majors at SFU who will be invited to check out your company at the booth. The booths will be set up on October 26th. More details about events taking place, the schedule and packages can be found below.


Why your company should come to Tech Fair

Tech Fair 2022 gives you and your company the opportunity to expand your brand to hundreds of talented and interested students that could become potential stars in your company. Find talent and show our students why they should work with you. Reach out to hundreds of passionate Computing Science students at various points throughout their degree. Let students learn about you, your culture, and your opportunities - so you’re first in mind when they start their career journeys. Attend TechFair 2022 - our students might meet their next co-op, and you might meet your next full-time employee.


This is the core part of Tech Fair, it is where you as a company can come in and set up a booth and advertise to students. Bring some slides, a project demo, some merch, company banner and whatever else you want! You'll be set up with a table, chairs and power outlets. This is where you get to highlight why students should be joining your company. Students will be coming throughout the day to learn about you and your company.

Interview Workshop

We are looking for volunteers who regularly participate in technical interviews to give a technical interview in front of a group of students. Questions asked to these students would be similar to ones they might see in a technical interview, with programming and problem solving problems.

Interview Tips and Tricks

We are looking for a volunteer who regularly participates in parts of the interview process for candidates. This will be a place to highlight common mistakes made during interviews and how to fix them. Also an opportunity for students to ask questions about interviews.

Resume Workshop

We are looking for volunteers who regularly review resumes to review selected resumes in front of a group of students. The resumes would be ranging from first time co-op seeker to full-time. Students would learn from the constructive comments made and apply those changes to their own resumes.

Career Talks

We are looking for Computing Science or Computer Science graduates who have worked in a variety of companies to come in and speak about their journey. This is an opportunity for students to learn what various careers are like and to answer any questions they may have before beginning their careers.


We are having a photographer come in and take photos of students they can use for LinkedIn.

Exhibitor Package

Item Tech Fair Attendee
Price $600
Company Booth 1 Day
Logo on website Large
Email shoutout Yes, with optional custom blurb
Have job postings emailed to our students Up to 2
Get resumes of many of our co-op and full-time seeking students Yes

Payment can be made through wire transfer, etransfer, credit card or cheque. Please contact csss-techfair@sfu.ca for details.

Please reach out to csss-techfair@sfu.ca with any questions.