SFU's Computing Science Student Society

General Election: 2019-04-06

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Position: President

Nominee Name: Kia Mirsalehi

Nominee Speech:

Hi I'm Kia, the current Applied Sciences Representative of the SFSS.
I also used to be DoR for over a year and have had experience helping to plan the Silicon Valley trip the first year we did it and helped planned Frosh, twice.
We've recently hit a slag, the past exec team did great work, but we've hit a troublesome point financially and we need someone with experience to come back and return the CSSS to its former glory and improve upon it. I plan on rebuilding our relationship with the SFSS (only financially though, otherwise we're gonna leave them alone), and also focus on rebuilding the common room to ensure better tea and a better environment. Another focus of mine will be to ensure that our meetings run smoothly and less than an hour, and also to minimize conflict, something the CSSS has had plenty of recently.
While this will hopefully increase our efficiency and allow us to be more consistent with our events and the work we do, it will reduce drama. I also plan on assisting the DoE and Co-DoE to run more and better events and do more collaboration with the rest of FAS, since community building and fun events are critical, especially at a time when construction continues to ruin the mood.
I'm an experienced candidate that can get work done and keep the society in one piece simultaneously, so vote for me please.
Kia Mirsalehi

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Position: Vice-President

Nominee Name: VJ Bakhshi

Nominee Speech:

Hi everyone,
For the last year I've been the CSSS Treasurer and now I would like to run for Vice President. If elected some of things I'd like to work on are as follows:

  • Double down on the networking tripping we've organized and try to squeeze 2 into every semester
  • Work with our clothing company to offer our CS branded clothing in all the colours of the rainbow for the summer semester
  • Ensure this year’s upcoming frosh is the biggest and best we've ever done
  • Increase communication between us and our membership (you the people)

I’ve gained a lot of experience through my position of Treasurer and I’d to put that experience to work to help continue running the CSSS and making it better. There isn’t a lot more I’m going to say so read all the speeches and vote for who you think is the best candidate, but I know I’ve got big chungus’s vote.

Make CSSS great again
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Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Position: Treasurer

Nominee Name: Mitchell Gale

Nominee Speech:

Hello, My name is Mitch Gale and I am running for the position of Treasurer for the Computing Science Student Society. While I do not currently hold a role, I am very involved in the society. Since I started attending SFU 2 years ago, I have attended nearly all general meetings. I am a member of several committees, such as the frosh, policy, and the constitution committee as well as others.
As Treasurer, I would be required to keep accurate financial records and tracking of income as well as expenses for the CSSS. I would be responsible to keep the society up-to-date on the financial status of the society as well.
I plan to keep detailed records of society and to continue to attend each CSSS meeting. I am confident I will be able to keep track of the CSSS’ finances to a high standard. I will also be helping finance all events run by the CSSS such as Frosh and Mountain Madness Hackathon. I think I would be good at handling this responsibility.
Thank you for your time,
Mitch Gale

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Nominee Name: Mark Liu

Nominee Speech:

Hi everyone!
I’m Mark, a second-year CS student, better known as themarksman13 on discord, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to potentially be your next Treasurer!
As treasurer, I intend to continue maintaining extensive financial records of the society’s accounts with the same efficiency and clarity as our previous, tremendous, treasurers have done.
Additionally, I have done plenty of digging on the history of the CSSS’ funds, throughout our meeting minutes and whatnot. I intend to compile more detailed accounts of the majority of the CSSS’ transactions with important details such as date, time, individuals involved, and the state of the accounts before and after the transactions...Hopefully, no more time wasted on scouring minutes for transaction details!
- Mark

Nominee Name: Michelle Soo

Nominee Speech:

Hi my name is Michelle Soo.

I was a previous UBC Sauder Business student.

I had several job experiences such as snowboard instructing, barista/bartender, lingerie bra expert, arcade machine technician volunteer, and Free Geek volunteer. The list goes on so feel free to say hey and have a conversation with me anytime.

I want to run as treasurer because my original goal at UBC Sauder School of Business was to be an accountant.

I am a solid, level-headed and straight up honest person.

Feel free to vote for me.

Position: Director of Resources

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Nominee Name: Truman Bui

Nominee Speech:

Hello everyone, my name is Truman Bui. I’m a third-year MACM student who enjoys long walks on the beach, intimate conversations, and forgetting +C after solving indefinite integrals. For this coming election I am running to be your next Director of Resources.
As DoR, I will ensure that:

  • the coke machine is always stocked
  • there will always be free pop tickets in stock
  • the common room supplies remain stocked and readily and easily available

I have recently obtained a Costco membership in order to buy large quantities of cheap supplies. I plan on bringing back free common room popcorn, keeping more cups, and bringing in a digital clock for the common room.
As I have previously held the role of Exec at Large, I enjoy keeping the common room clean and stocking the pop machine. You can expect the white boards and coffee table to be well cared for and have any complaints/requests addressed. To ensure people are heard, I will set up posters with my email all around the common room and also implement a suggestion box.
Thank you,
33rd President of USA: Truman.

Position: Director of Events

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Nominee Name: Nikola Filipovic

Nominee Speech:

Hello there, my name is Nikola. I am finishing my second year as a Computer Science student and spend most of my time hanging out around the CSSS.
I held a prominent role in the Student Council at my high school and I am a member of the SFU SKi & Snowboard club. I sometimes attend CSSS general meetings to keep up to date with what is going on even without having exec position.
If you elect me as the Director of Events, I would do the following:

  • Organize various movie marathons with pizza
  • Hold gaming events, from home or CSIL. (League of Legends, Apex Legends, Rocket League, Civilization V, etc.)
  • Increase funds for future events with fundraising.
  • Create an End of The Year party during the summer time for CSSS members in an Air B&B!

I would also like to organize at least one major event during my term. Some ideas right now include:

  • Ski trip to a ski resort decided in the future
  • A road trip to Seattle to see facebook and Microsoft.
  • A hackathon sort of competition, possibly working with local companies.

I think that the CSSS members should vote for me for the position of Director of Events because I enjoy creating events. I enjoy making people happy and am very optimistic. I am friends with the current CSSS exec team and various other people in the CSSS community.
Vote for me and I hope to see you at the End of The Year party.
Thank you for reading and kill the finals <3,
Nikola “Nichard” Filipovic

Position: Assistant Director of Events

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Nominee Name: Shiva Sanei

Nominee Speech:

Hey everyone,

My name is Shiva, I'm a third-year computer science major.

To be honest, it has been only a few months since I started coming to the common room and I don’t have any experience working with the CSSS, but I would like to have the opportunity to get to know people who are in the same field as me and be more involved in CSSS. I will not make a list of promises, but I will try my best to make sure that every event is running as it was planned.
Thank you,
Shiva Sanei

Nominee Name: Gareth Moon

Nominee Speech:

Hi everyone! I’m Gary and I am the incumbent Director of Events (Fall 2018-Spring 2019). I was Exec at Large in Fall 2014 and Director of Resources in the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2015. I have also volunteered for the Frosh events in 2015, 2017 and 2018.
I am running for Assistant Director of Events (not Assistant to the DoE). Here is what I will be doing:

  • Mentor the incoming Director of Events about everything they need to learn, such as SFSS grants, general meeting motions, room bookings etc.
  • Run day-to-day events so that the incoming Director of Events is free to bring about bigger and better events for the society. (Also help them with those)
  • Plan Pub Crawls and Beach/outdoors outings

I think the CSSS membership should vote for me as Director of Events because I’m skilled at creating efficient systems, and because I am an outgoing, optimistic person. I am well acquainted with most of the current CSSS executive team, as well as with many of the CSSS community leaders. I think I have successfully run and done the administrative work for our events last year, so I hope to see you all again next year!
Good luck on your exams everyone and here’s hoping the Avengers: End Game is worthy of all the hype,

Position: Director of Communications

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

Nominee Name: Ryan Vansickle

Nominee Speech:

Hey👋 CSSS!🤓💻 would😍 you👈 like👍 to2️⃣ re-elect😲 this🔥 AMAZING💯 CANDIDATE💪 so he👳 can finally😤 get a decent✨❤️ exec photo?📷😘 My promises💰 haven't💋 changed📆 but my passion🍆🍑 only grows.😉 It's going to be🅱️ another semester🤦✏️ of good🙌 christian✝️ fun!🤡 Can you❤️ say📣 STATUS QUO!?👌👌👌 This😉 guy💪 can! The most🙏 trustworthy😆 candidate🐷 is the one1️⃣ who😕 wants🤠 to die😩 as much👅👀 as you👶 do! Forget😱 those other❌  normal😃 candidates!🌮 A vote🎟 for Jesus🔨✝️ is a vote💄 for🌈 love!🙏💝 Don't🙅 forget🤔 to💥🔥 smash💯😤 that✅ vote✊ button! If this👇 gets a hundred💯 votes✅ I'll yeet☄️ myself💎 into🌎 the sun🌞 so I never🚫 write😛 something👏 this👇 disgusting🤢 again!

Nominee Name: Sarbjot Mann

Nominee Speech:

Hi All,
I'm Sarbjot (better known as Amander by most), a third year Computing Science student. This past year I've been more involved in the CSSS by helping fellow students with Math courses, MACM 101, and 100 level CMPT courses, and will be running for Director of Communications for this upcoming election.
As Director of Communications I'll make sure to do the following

  • Promote upcoming events (both created by our society and/or external events relating to Comp sci) on social media and emails
  • Promote our CSSS Discord Server and making sure the Discord runs smoothly
  • Keeping our Social Media Accounts and Website up to date (in order to benefit our members with up to date information)

At the end of the day my main focus will be making sure you're not missing any event updates, helping around the common room and other execs to the best of my ability, and making sure our Discord server maintains a safe place for us to talk about courses, or any other random topics.
Warm Regards,
Sarbjot Mann
P.S I'll try my best not to spam your inboxes :)

Position: Director of Archives

Nominee Name: Dusan Kovacevic

Nominee Speech:

I am Dusan Kovacevic, a second year, and I am running for Director of Archives. My previous experience as Director of Archives will enable me to execute the duties of this role with proficiency and provide advice to new executives on how to run the society. During my time as Director of Archives I was able to: (along with others) improve the constitution, introduce a new format for minutes to make it easier to find important information, and deal with difficult situations to help protect the interests of the society.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Dusan Kovacevic

Nominee Name: John Sweeney

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