SFU's Computing Science Student Society

By-Election: 2016-12-07

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Position: Vice-President

Nominee Name: Brendan Chan

Nominee Speech:

Hi all!

My name is Brendan and I am running for VP.

I want to improve the CSSS by attracting more participating members. Mainly by having more members attend meetings to have a say in what ends up happening.

Computer Science at SFU has a lot of students and I feel we can make our society much better by reaching out to those who aren't as involved as they would like to be.

As the VP I would like to make CSSS meetings more inviting to those who usually avoid it.



Nominee Name: June Kim

Nominee Speech:

Let's make CSSS great again

Nominee Name: Oscar Smith-Sieger

Nominee Speech:

Hello members of the CSSS!

My name is Oscar. For the past three months I've been an exec-at-large, serving to keep our common room in tip-top condition and help out with the day-to-day operation of the society. In this time I've learned a great deal about what we do and who we are. When I heard that the current VP was stepping down and a new single semester position was to be filled I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use my newfound knowledge and make a difference where it counts.

If I were to be elected as Vice President I would focus on three simple things during my four months. I would work closely with WiCS to come up with policies and initiatives to help people of all genders feel welcome in our society. I would push for measures which would help the common room feel more like a place anyone can spend time in, regardless of whether they are already known. And finally, I would try to create more opportunities for all of us as a society to interact and have fun. Because in the end that's why the society exists, to help everyone in computer science enjoy themselves and feel like their time here was well spent.

Thank you and I hope you'll consider voting for me,


Nominee Name: Daphne Chong

Nominee Speech:

Hi, I'm Daphne and I would like to be your Vice President. I have been at SFU since fall 2014, and I was an exec at large for the CSSS during the summer 2016 semester.

I have been an active member of the CSSS since I started school here, and have attended most events and meetings. I am familiar with the positions through observing and talking to execs. I have always enjoyed being a part of the community, and I feel like it's time I committed more time and work into it.



Nominee Name: Jason Manshadi

Nominee Speech:

My name is Jason and I would like to announce my candidacy for Vice-President of the Computer Science Student Society for this Spring term. I am a 4th year student working towards a Bachelors in Comp Sci. I have been at SFU for a year now and have been involved in various CSSS meetings and events.

This society has given me a lot not only in terms of academics and allowing me to connect with like-minded individuals who have provided a great study environment and therefore has allowed me to progress through such gruelling courses as MACM but I have also seen the sense of camaraderie that this society encourages and nurtures that isn't very common among other departments and I would like to make sure these aspects of our society continue. To allow our society to serve as a much-needed home away from home with the social events that take place.

I am a great candidate for this position because of my desire to ensure that our great society continues to see the ongoing success of such programs like Hack Time, and the great opportunity that exists for all of us with the Co-op program.

I am now returning to SFU from my second co-op placement, the most recent one with SAP. My experiences with Co-op have given me a great insight into how valuable that experience is and I would like to share that experience with others and ensure that others also get the same opportunity to advance their academic and professional careers with this tool that SFU is offering us.

Due to my lighter course load this term, I will also be able to be more actively involved in CSSS meetings and events and will ensure the availability of Hack Time every week.

Finally, I promise to bring my famously cheerful attitude and demeanor to this position while carrying out the duties of this office. I also have a wonderful working friendship with our current Vice-President which will allow for a very smooth transition.

Thank you,

Jason Manshadi

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