SFU's Computing Science Student Society

By-Election: 2015-11-04

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Position: Director of Resources

Nominee Name: Mircea Ioan Taras

Nominee Speech:

Hey everyone, I’m Mircea, currently the Council Rep for the CSSS. You’ve probably seen me around the common room. I actually transferred into Computer Science at the start Of the Summer of 2015, and have been active with the CSSS since I joined.

I’m running for the Director of Resources position because it seems like something I’d be capable of doing, and our current Treasurer (Jordan) has highly encouraged me to get more involved with the society. I would say I’m pretty good at writing reports and keeping track of things, and I can apply that to pop-tracking and helping take care of our equipment. If you have suggestions for how we can improve the common room and pop machine, please let me know.

Mircea Taras

Nominee Name: James Hannah

Nominee Speech:

My name is James Hannah, and I want to be your Director of Resources. I am already around enough to do most of the tasks required for the continued running of operations for the Society, and am familiar with most of the jobs involved. For those I am not used to, I am not afraid to ask questions and am a quick study. I am also responsible and careful when entrusted with things that do not belong to me, even treating them better than things that do. Overall, I would say I am an excellent candidate for the job. In addition to all that, I am Hackerman. Why would you want anyone else as your Director of Resources?

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