CS students need Linux experience in our program of study as early as CMPT 125. For students who grew up mainly with Windows software or mobile apps, the sudden jump to a hands-on development environment in Linux can be disorienting.

Millions of people use Linux everyday, and plenty of them aren't programmers. In the Linux tutorial, we show students the ins-and-outs of Linux: how to make it their everyday machine, and how to become a more proficient developer with it.

The CSSS recommends the following Linux distributions to our members:


Many new CS students are unfamiliar with the concept of version control. Version control software allows one to save snapshots of their changes to code/documents. These snapshots form a history which allows a developer to moniter the evolution of a project. More importantly, it allows one to revert to any previous versions of their work.

Forget emailing code snippets to other team members. If you plan to enter the industry as a programmer, you will use version control software. Currently, the most popular is Git. Github is widely used for online code hosting. There are also many opportunities for students for free access to various online tools in the Github Education Pack.

We hold a Git tutorial to get students in the habit of using version control at every opportunity.