Silicon Valley Trip!

Thanks to the effort of a recent alumni and with the help from FAS, the CSSS plans to host 20 people on a trip to Silicon Valley from June 27th - 30th!

It’s still in the planning phase, so the costs and itinerary are still being locked down. But, we wanted to give everyone a heads up.

The goal of the trip is to meet with SFU alumni and their companies to learn about the area and what these companies are looking for in co-ops and future employees. You will also be attending a conference that weekend that will have lots of SFU alumni present.

On the topic of costs, the CSSS has been fundraising this year, and we’re asking both the SFSS and the SFU Alumni Association for funding to subsidize travel, conference, and hotel costs. Once we have some firm numbers, we’ll let you know what’s left over.

You’ll be responsible for obtaining visas and any other relevant travel documents. So look out for a formal announcement soon!


Henry Zhao
Director of Communications
Simon Fraser University | CSSS