Mobify Grant 2017 Deadline

[CSSS] Mobify Grant 2017 Deadline Fast Approaching!

Hi everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that the 2017 Mobify Grant's deadline is approaching. Make sure you get your applications in before July 31st, 2017 midnight.


Henry Zhao
Director of Communications
Simon Fraser University | CSSS

On 7/5/2017 7:46 PM, Henry Zhao wrote:
Hello Students,

I hope you're having an awesome Summer!

The 2017 Mobify Grant applications are now open, and you can find the link here:

The deadline for this grant is July 31st, 2017, so make sure you get those applications in early and don't procrastinate!

Please feel free to reply to this email if you are uncertain about your application, or contact Christopher Duffin at directly.
You will find below a small blurb detailing what this grant is about, and who it is for. You can find the same information at the websurvey link provided above.

At Mobify, we're passionate about creating amazing mobile experiences and we're so excited to be able to share our passion with such talented students at SFU! We're confident that you'll come up with some butt kicking ideas and we can't wait to see them come to life. Obviously, mobile technology is what sparks our hunger at Mobify and our engineers have hinted at some impressive ideas that would knock their socks off. Up for the challenge? Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

1) Develop an app for an event at SFU,
2) Develop an app for a particular club or organization at SFU,
3)Develop an app that will increase student productivity or efficiency at SFU,
4) Develop an SFU Social Networking App,
5) Develop an app for a small business on campus,
6) Host a Hackathon, Networking Event, or Workshop.

Throughout your journey of completing your project, Mobify would like to support you as much as possible. With that being said, Mobifyers are quite busy bees! We've included in the submission form a few sections that request some more detailed information. The more in-depth information you are able to provide, the more we can help you moving forward. Think of it like Batman and Robin - partners in crime. If you have any further questions about either a type of project you and your team have in mind or just questions about filling out the application all together, please contact Christopher Duffin at We look forward to seeing what you and your team's imagination comes up with!