CMPT 361 And Graphics Workshop


As part of an ongoing student technology initiative, HackTime, the CSSS is offering the following upcoming opportunities;

Graphics Workshop - Every Thursday, starting September 28th:
The CSSS will be hosting a graphics workshop every Thursday this semester, at 4:30-6:30.

This workshop is an attempt to help students with implementation problems in CMPT361 using C++. Students using Java are encouraged to consult the course professor instead. The workshop also welcomes anyone who would like to improve their skills, even those not taking the course, as well as those who would like to take graphics in the future but couldn’t in the current semester.

It will be a loosely guided, open space to solve course work together and will be directed by a student who took the course previously. His philosophy is that graphics was not meant to be taken alone.

This week, Thursday the 28th, it is taking place in ASB 9705. Due to convocation, we are still searching for a room next week, however starting Thursday the 12th of October we will attempt to hold it regularly in ASB 9896 or TASC 9204

Development Equipment CheckOut - Monday, October 2nd, 11:30-1:30:
Ever wanted to build something awesome, but don't have quite what you need? No worries; the CSSS has you covered. We'll be offering a quiet space in TASC 9204 for you to come and view equipment that is available for you to borrow from our Tech Library this semester. Items available to borrow include VR Equipment, smart devices, raspberry pis, and more. Further, any equipment we don't have may be something we are able to purchase for you to borrow, and we'll be taking those requests at that time as well.

We also have many project ideas that would offer a chance for you to get some experience and to help the society, enhance our common room, and build cool things. Please feel free to come talk to us then for more info about that.

Anyone unable to make this time can send us requests asking for more information about available opportunities.


Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

CSSS President