Past Officers

The CSSS is run by students who are chosen every year in a Department-wide election. They ensure the business of the Society runs smoothly, and are always available to help any fellow student in need. Any CS student can run for these positions. Every station, save Exec-at-Large, serves for an entire year.

Current CSSS Executives

President - Kevin Zhang

Favourite Courses - CMPT 307 | CMPT 414

Languages of Choice - Swift

Contact - csss-president@sfu.ca

Bio - I specialize in Android and I like computer vision.

Vice President - Daphne Chong

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact -

Bio -

Treasurer - Paul Allan

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | CMPT 165

Languages of Choice - C | Python | JavaScript

Contact - pwallan@sfu.ca | Carrier Pigeon

Bio - Paul is a second year Computing Science student. Paul went to a small high-school in Port Coquitlam and chose SFU because of how close it was to his house compared to UBC. Initially a 2012 froshee, Paul took 2 1/2 years off school to work after the Fall 2013 term, returning to find things somewhat similar to how he left them, except with the CSSS having a new vending machine and the froshees looking different than how he remembered them. In the past, he has been the Secretary (now know as the Director of Archives and Director of Communications) and the Executive at Large twice.

Director of Events - Eric Ly

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - | |

Contact - |

Bio -

Council Representative - Steven Yang

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice -

Contact -

Bio -

Director of Archives - Trevor Gale

Favourite Courses - CMPT 295 | HIST 102

Languages of Choice - Python | C

Contact - csss-secretary@sfu.ca

Bio - Trevor was born in Burnaby BC and grew up in Langley. He chose to attend SFU to determine exactly what it would be like to go to school on a mountaintop, and has now (completely by accident!) become a 3rd year computing science major. When he's not exhausted by the thin mountain air(and forced to return to lower elevations for breathing exercises), he can be found in the computing science common room or the fifth floor of the library.

Director of Communications - Henry Zhao

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact - csss@sfu.ca |

Bio -

Director of Resources - Kia Mirsalehi

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | CMPT 225

Languages of Choice - C | Python

Contact - kmirsale@sfu.ca

Bio -

Exec-at-Large - Brendan Chan

Favourite Courses - MATH 240 | CMPT 127

Languages of Choice - Julia | Matlab

Contact -

Bio -"I have nothing to say to the people" - Brendan

Exec-at-Large - Brandon Sherwin

Favourite Courses - CMPT 120 | COGS 100

Languages of Choice - Python | JavaScript

Contact -

Bio -Brandon was born a young man with a fully-grown beard standing at 6'4, 22lbs, 12% body fat. His favourite food is raw bear cub that he hunted with a spear. Within 3 weeks he had found a gathering of 50 disciples that was following his every word. and he personally authored 20 books.

It's all been downhill so far from and there and this is how he finds himself at SFU, at the bottom of the trough of his life so far.

His spirit animal is a snail and his hobbies are making peanut butter sculptures.