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Current CSSS Executives

The CSSS is run by students who are chosen every year in a Department-wide election. They ensure the business of the Society runs smoothly, and are always available to help any fellow student in need. Any CS student can run for these positions. Every station, save Exec-at-Large, serves for an entire year.

Responsibilities for each Role can be found in the CSSS Constitution under section 4.1

President - Kasra Jamshidi

Favourite Courses - MATH 340 | CMPT 300

Languages of Choice - Lua | C++

Contact - csss-president[at]

Bio - Kasra loves robots, animals, and his ThinkPad. When he isn't in the common room ranting about JavaScript, he writes Lua. Ask him to show you pictures of his dog. Ask him to stop when you get bored of the ultra JPEG closeups of his dog's silly face.

Vice President - Winfield Chen

Favourite Courses - CMPT 300 | CMPT 365

Languages of Choice - C++ | Go

Contact - csss-vp[at]

Bio - Winfield loves hiking, board games, and all things computing! You can find him in the CSSS Common Room and on the Discord server at most times of the day.

Treasurer - Vijender (VJ) Bakhshi

Favourite Courses - CMPT 225 | CMPT 295

Languages of Choice - C++ | C#

Contact - csss-treasurer[at]

Bio - Hailing to us from the far and dangerous lands known as Surrey VJ is a 3rd year Computing Science student. He can be most often seen sitting in the common room on his laptop doing something from wee hours of 7am. He is passionate about his love of C++ and hate of Javascript. He spends most of his time playing video games and procrastinating his assignments.

Director of Events - TBD

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact - csss-doe[at]

Bio -

Director of Archives - Dusan Kovacevic

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | MACM 201

Languages of Choice - C | C++

Contact - csss-secretary[at] | csss-doa[at]>

Bio - Langley local, Dusan is a first-year computer science major. Always friendly and welcoming, don’t be afraid to come say hello or ask any questions!

Director of Communications - Paymon Jalali

Favourite Courses - CMPT 225 | PHYS 120

Languages of Choice - C# | JavaScript

Contact - csss-doc[at]

Bio - Paymon is a student in the Faculty of Sciences intending on transferring to Computing Science and is one of the dozens of people who continued playing Runescape after seventh grade. You can often find him in the CSSS common room using a Thinkpad and trying out different Linux distributions. He enjoys collecting vinyl records, watching films (his favorites being Pink Floyd the Wall, This is England, and The Wind Rises), and pondering why people still buy Apple products.

Director of Resources - Eric Gao

Favourite Courses - MACM 201 | MATH 152

Languages of Choice - C | Java

Contact - csss-dor[at]

Bio - a man on the run. Hiding from enemy spies since 2015. Currently posing as a 3rd year Computer Science Major. Is often mistaken for a cloud. Can be seen in the common room practicing battle tactics and simulations.

Exec-at-Large - Truman Bui

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | MACM 101

Languages of Choice - C | C++

Contact - csss-eal[at]

Bio - No one has seen him leave the campus, and he is legally married to the Coca Cola(TM) machine, so we elected him as Exec at Large. The man with the frog wallet, claims that he's a "second year student, transfering to a MACM Major", but no one questions it, because he's happy to help everyone out.

Exec-at-Large - Karan Aujla

Favourite Courses - CMPT 300 | CMPT 127

Languages of Choice - C | Haskell

Contact - csss-eal[at]

Bio - 3rd/4th year computing science student. Spends far too much time in the common room but gets his work done somehow. Likes to spend his free time playing video games, reading books, and listening to metal music. Will also show pictures of his dog to anyone who asks.

First-Year Rep - TBD at first GM of Fall Term

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact - csss-fyr[at]

Bio -

First-Year Rep - TBD at first GM of Fall Term

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact - csss-fyr[at]

Bio -

Current CSSS Elected Representatives

Council Representative - Noble Tan

Favourite Courses - CMPT 120 | MATH 151

Languages of Choice - Python2.7 | Python3.7

Contact - csss-councilrep[at]

Bio - Born in Vancouver and raised in Surrey, Noble enjoys talking to people and making new friends. She also loves to bake food for her friends during free time. She is often on her phone/laptop, but when you get to know her, she can be very loud yet friendly. She is very excited for what there is to come during her first year in university, so feel free to invite her to play a game or to an event!

Elections Officer - to be elected before next election

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact -

Bio -

Frosh Week Chair - Brendan Chan

Favourite Courses - MATH 240 | CMPT 127

Languages of Choice - Matlab | Julia

Contact -

Bio - I'm not perfect

Current SFSS FAS Representative

Please note that an SFSS FAS Rep is not a CSSS officer

SFSS FAS Representative - Kia Mirsalehi

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | CMPT 225

Languages of Choice - C | Python

Contact - appscirep[at]

Responsibilities - Kia occupies one of the 16 seats at the Board of Directors, the highest governing executive body of the SFSS whose task is to "determine what the members want and need, prioritize amongst those needs, and ensure that the organization actually provides for those needs". Kia works closely with the student unions and students of FAS to ensure that their views and needs are represented. He also works on various SFSS committees for projects such as governance reform and Surrey Campus advocacy/events.

Bio - A third year computing science student, he likes to spend his time within the common room, where he can often be seen sleeping or playing music on the speakers.