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Current CSSS Executives

The CSSS is run by students who are chosen every year in a Department-wide election. They ensure the business of the Society runs smoothly, and are always available to help any fellow student in need. Any CS student can run for these positions. Every station, save Exec-at-Large, serves for an entire year.

Responsibilities for each Role can be found in the CSSS Constitution under section 4.1

President - Kia Mirsalehi

Favourite Courses - CMPT 383 | CMPT 353

Languages of Choice - Python | Lisp

Contact - csss-president[at]

Bio - A fourth year computing science student, he likes to spend his time within the common room, where he can often be seen sleeping or playing music on the speakers.

Vice President - Vijender (VJ) Bakhshi

Favourite Courses - CMPT 225 | CMPT 295

Languages of Choice - C++ | C#

Contact - csss-vp[at]

Bio - Hailing to us from the far and dangerous lands known as Surrey VJ is a 3rd year Computing Science student. He can be most often seen sitting in the common room on his laptop doing something from wee hours of 7am. He is passionate about his love of C++ and hate of Javascript. He spends most of his time playing video games and procrastinating his assignments.

Treasurer - Mitchell Gale

Favourite Courses - CMPT 295 | CMPT 318 (doing things w/ words)

Languages of Choice - Python | C

Contact - csss-treasurer[at]

Bio - Mitchell is a Computing Science major struggling to simultaneously completing a minor in engineering. He commutes from Langley and loves talking about transit. He can maybe offer help for classes he has already taken, however there is a very good chance he has forgotten everything related to math.

Director of Events - Nikola Filipovic

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | CMPT 225

Languages of Choice - C/C++ | Assembley

Contact - csss-doe[at]

Bio - Nikola loves cars, skiing, and Rocket League. When he isn't in the common room talking about a ramen machine, hes probably getting food. Sleep is his best friend even if they rarely meet. If you want to talk to him, ask about anything and he will come up with his best answer!

Assistant Director of Events - Celina Wright

Favourite Courses - CMPT 295 | CMPT 354

Languages of Choice - C# | SQL/LINQ

Contact - csss-doe-assistant[at]

Bio - Celina is a transfer student from Douglas College who is learning to fully embrace the concept of "C's get degrees". She may be a SoSy student, but she'll always be at the Burnaby campus. You can find her in the common room most of the week and she's always happy to help.

Director of Archives - Dusan Kovacevic

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | MACM 201

Languages of Choice - C | C++

Contact - csss-secretary[at] | csss-doa[at]

Bio - Langley local, Dusan is a first-year computer science major. Always friendly and welcoming, don’t be afraid to come say hello or ask any questions!

Director of Communications - Sarbjot (Amander) Mann

Favourite Courses - MACM 201 | MATH 240

Languages of Choice - C | Python

Contact - csss-doc[at]

Bio - Sarbjot is a 3rd year Computing Science student. He is one of the rare ones who loves Macm and Math courses, so be aware taking his advice on taking math courses.

Director of Resources - Truman Bui

Favourite Courses - MACM 101 | MATH 152

Languages of Choice - C | C++

Contact - csss-dor[at]

Bio - He is legally married to the Coca Cola(TM) machine, so we elected him as Director of Resources. The man with no volume control, claims that he's a ""third year student, transfering to a MACM Major"", but no one questions it, because he's happy to help everyone out.

Exec-at-Large - Cole Greer

Favourite Courses - CMPT 405 | MACM 201

Languages of Choice - C | Java

Contact - csss-eal[at]

Bio - Cole is a 3rd year CS student. He can often be found wasting exorbitant amounts of time in the common room. Cole is regularly heard delivering heated rants about petty problems to anybody who will listen. He is always willing to help with a wide variety of tasks although results are not guaranteed.

Exec-at-Large - Shiva Sanei

Favourite Courses - MATH 151 | CMPT 125

Languages of Choice - C | x86

Contact - csss-eal[at]

Bio - Shiva is a third year Computing Science student who likes to steal your belongings and predict futures. Either way, If you see her in the common room make sure to keep your items and most importantly yourself safe.

First-Year Rep - Doris Chang

Favourite Courses - CMPT 125 | CMPT 127

Languages of Choice - Python | Java

Contact - csss-fyr[at]

Bio - Doris comes from Ontario and loves trying new food and travelling. She's friendly and always happy to help so don't be afraid to say hi!

First-Year Rep - Oliver Xie

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | CMPT 125

Languages of Choice - Java | C

Contact - csss-fyr[at]

Bio - Oliver is just another first year CS student just seeking to get into co-op as fast as possible (but has a leg up because he's on the USES). He can be found often in the common room where he wishes more first years would show up. He does speedrun Pokémon Mystery Dungeon sometimes and also hopes to be involved in the greater SFU community as a tenor saxophonist and sustainability volunteer.

Current CSSS Elected Representatives

Council Representative - Ryan Vansickle

Favourite Courses - ONC 548 | SPAN 306

Languages of Choice - COBOL | Fortran

Contact - csss-councilrep[at]

Bio - Ryan is almost entirely sure he used to live in Toronto. He has abandoned haircuts and good taste in music in the hope that he will one day attain enlightenment. There has never been a human being less suited to computer science, but he's totally doing his best. Has been hungry since 2008, and is full of useless knowledge, all of which is fair-trade and gluten-free. Available in Rose Gold, Zesty Lemon Spice, and Perpetual Disappointment.

Elections Officer - to be elected before next election

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact -

Bio -

Frosh Week Chair - to be elected before Next Frosh

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact -

Bio -

Current SFSS FAS Representative

Please note that an SFSS FAS Rep is not a CSSS officer

SFSS FAS Representative -

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact - appscirep[at]

Responsibilities -

Bio -