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Current CSSS Executives

The CSSS is run by students who are chosen every year in a Department-wide election. They ensure the business of the Society runs smoothly, and are always available to help any fellow student in need. Any CS student can run for these positions. Every station, save Exec-at-Large, serves for an entire year.

Responsibilities for each Role can be found in the CSSS Constitution under section 4.1

President - David Miiller (Miiller spelt Miiller)

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | MACM 101

Languages of Choice - C++ | C

Contact - csss-president[at]sfu.ca
or leave a note encrypted in ROT13 in the common room, and David will leave another note encrypted in ROT26 for you to pick up within the week.

Bio - Born and raised in North Vancouver, David came to SFU for various reasons, one of which was because some random guy in a TF2 server said something about SFU being good for Computing, and he decided that was good evidence. It ended up being pretty true. David can now be found sitting in the common room too much, generally being loud and occasionally running down the halls. David likes to think he's decently friendly, so feel free to bug him about pretty much anything.

Vice President - Jonathan Loewen

Favourite Courses - CMPT 225 | CMPT 320

Languages of Choice - C# | SQL

Contact - csss-vp[at]sfu.ca

Bio - Jonathan is a transfer student from the University of Manitoba and Red River College in Winnipeg. He hails from the mosquito-infested Lands of Always +/- 40°C, also known as South-East Manitoba. Previously employed slinging SQL for hospital systems, he decided that he loved school too much to work for the rest of his life. He enjoys wasting precious hours playing Civilization 5 and Dark Souls, listening to awful Soundcloud mashups, and playing board games in the common room.

Treasurer - Dustin Cao

Favourite Courses - CMPT 276 | CMPT 320

Languages of Choice - C | Java

Contact - csss-treasurer[at]sfu.ca

Bio - Dustin is a boring person. Come talk to him to brighten up the monotony of his life.

Director of Events - Courtenay Huffman

Favourite Courses - CMPT 295 | PSYC 280

Languages of Choice - C++ | Assembly

Contact - csss-doe[at]sfu.ca

Bio - Courtenay is a fifth year student studying computing science and psychology. She can often be found either in the common room, at the gym, or hiding behind her massive computer in the corner of a coffee shop. She likes pushing the limits of sleep deprivation so please bring her coffee and tea.

Director of Archives - Eric Meng Gao

Favourite Courses - MACM 201 | MATH 152

Languages of Choice - C | Java

Contact - csss-secretary[at]sfu.ca | csss-doa[at]sfu.ca>

Bio - a man on the run. Hiding from enemy spies since 2015. Currently posing as a 3rd year Computer Science Major. Is often mistaken for a cloud. Can be seen in the common room practicing battle tactics and simulations.

Director of Communications - Henry Zhao

Favourite Courses - MACM 316 | CMPT 276

Languages of Choice - C | C++

Contact - csss-doc[at]sfu.ca

Bio - Lord of Discord

Director of Resources - Paul Allan

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | CMPT 165

Languages of Choice - C | Python

Contact - csss-dor[at]sfu.ca

Bio - Paul is a second year Computing Science student. Paul went to a small high-school in Port Coquitlam and chose SFU because of how close it was to his house compared to UBC. Initially a 2012 froshee, Paul took 2 1/2 years off school to work after the Fall 2013 term, returning to find things somewhat similar to how he left them, except with the CSSS having a new vending machine and the froshees looking different than how he remembered them. In the past, he has been the Secretary (now know as the Director of Archives and Director of Communications) and the Executive at Large twice.

Exec-at-Large - Keon Li

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | MACM 101

Languages of Choice - Python | C

Contact - csss-eal[at]sfu.ca

Bio - Born and raised in Richmond, B.C. Keon is a first-year computer science student. Often found in the CSSS common room, on the run, or at his apartment on the SFU Burnaby campus. He constantly suffers from sleep deprivation, but five cokes a day keep the sleep away. He’s an avid gamer, but also loves to spend time with friends. Despite his appearance, he loves talking and socializing with people, so don’t be afraid of talking to him!

Exec-at-Large - Jack Zhou

Favourite Courses - C | TCL

Languages of Choice - MATH 152 | PSYC 300W

Contact - csss-eal[at]sfu.ca

Bio - I am a CMPT major and maybe other things but that's the best way to know me.

First-Year Rep - Anna Y Tang

Favourite Courses - MATH 151 | BPK 140

Languages of Choice - Ruby | Javascript

Contact - csss-fyr[at]sfu.ca

Bio - Anna is a first year computing science student in the dual degree program. You'll probably find her in the common room constantly studying or goofing around. She's usually a very shy person, but feel free to approach her and start a conversation.

First-Year Rep - Noble Tan

Favourite Courses - CMPT 120 | MATH 151

Languages of Choice - Python | Undecided

Contact - csss-fyr[at]sfu.ca

Bio - Born in Vancouver and raised in Surrey, Noble enjoys talking to people and making new friends. She also loves to bake food for her friends during free time. She is often on her phone/laptop, but when you get to know her, she can be very loud yet friendly. She is very excited for what there is to come during her first year in university, so feel free to invite her to play a game or to an event!

Current CSSS Elected Representatives

Council Representative - Kia Mirsalehi

Favourite Courses - CMPT 127 | CMPT 225

Languages of Choice - C | Python

Contact - csss-councilrep[at]sfu.ca

Bio - A third year computing science student, he likes to spend his time within the common room, where he can often be seen sleeping or playing music on the speakers.

Elections Officer -To Be Elected in Spring 2018 Term

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact -

Bio -

Frosh Week Chair -To Be Elected in Spring 2018 Term

Favourite Courses - |

Languages of Choice - |

Contact -

Bio -

Current SFSS FAS Representative

Please note that an SFSS FAS Rep is not a CSSS officer

SFSS FAS Representative - Jeffrey Leung

Favourite Courses - CMPT 276 | CMPT 127

Languages of Choice - C++ | anything that is not JavaScript

Contact - appscirep[at]sfss.ca

Responsibilities - Jeffrey occupies one of the 16 seats at the Board of Directors, the highest governing executive body of the SFSS whose task is to "determine what the members want and need, prioritize amongst those needs, and ensure that the organization actually provides for those needs". Jeffrey works closely with the student unions and students of FAS to ensure that their views and needs are represented. He also works on various SFSS committees for projects such as governance reform and Surrey Campus advocacy/events.

Bio - A 4th year student and loyal convert from Computing Science to Software Systems, Jeffrey spends a lot of his time in the CSSS common room as a traitor and spy. Though some people believe he enjoys the work he does for the student societies, he's actually just here for the free pizza. Just like Corbett Gildersleve, one of his predecessors, Jeffrey has no plans whatsoever for graduation.